Gloria says at one point, “I am tired of waiting. I want the world to change now.” That’s how she tackles life, with a desire to see immediate transformation. She has ideas about how things should be, and tackles them with enthusiasm, mostly through her work as an editor. Gloria doesn’t care about how things are or have been, only in that she wants to distance herself from them – she shuns traditional behaviors and mindsets in favor of an idealized society, in which women have total freedom over their bodies, their minds, and can do anything a man can do, but better. She has a big picture focus, and is better able than her friends and coworkers to see where they need to make “concessions” in order to keep congressmen on their side, though it pains her to do so (“I won’t give up abortion!”). She has a policy of free exchange of ideas in her office and “anyone is welcome” to come up with anything, although she quickly points out that eager as everyone is to discuss one issue in their publication, they need variety. She is logical and efficient and knows how to get things done. She can sluff off things that upset her deeply. Gloria sometimes runs into trouble with her coworkers because she will refuse to back them, out of a focus on the bigger picture or end game. Though she supports them, if it is more logical to support someone else to get what she wants to happen to happen, she will edge them out – something the loyalty-valuing Fi users do not understand. Mostly, though, she shows a lot of tert-Fe. She mobilizes a group and gets them on the same page. She speaks often of their “shared values” in “we” terms. She likes people to get along, and tells them to always tell her if they need support, or a room to hold their meetings in, but she’s not great a comforting others beyond broad things (“You will be an amazing mother!”).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Though a stubborn and militant feminist, Gloria is… surprisingly mild-mannered and peacemaking. Any arguments between her friends and colleagues in the group upsets her – she either tries to make peace between them or disappears into herself and numbs out of the conversation. She has a generally affable and non-judgmental approach to everyone, is permissive about everything (all are welcome, of all kinds of sexualities, creeds, beliefs, etc; we are all women!), and shows an occasional stubborn refusal to compromise (the 9 digging in their heels). Though upset by an obscene newspaper advertisement that targets her particularly, Gloria mostly brushes it aside and internalizes it. She isn’t as loud about crowing over others’ humiliations, either. And she can be anxious about re-introducing an angry 8 to their group. Her 1 wing is hardworking, dedicated, has a firm sense of what is right (she rummages through her friends’ desks at work, stealing their treats for things to munch on while working late – but always leaves them a note and an “I owe you”).