Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Cadfael lived a Crusader’s life before joining the cloister; he fought in Jerusalem and “spent himself out,” but carries that adventurous, observant spirit into his work as a herbalist at Shrewsbury. He’s highly observant, often the first person to point out unusual disturbances at crime scenes, find tiny pieces of fabric, weeds, or other things on or around the body. He frequently points Hugh Berringer’s attention to minor details, and tends to gather information before reaching decisions upon it, waiting to collect the facts before hypothesizing. Cadfael is good at acting in the moment; his quick thinking saves others’ lives at times, as well as protects his own. He doesn’t hypothesize without reason, and waits to gather all the information and test it before coming to a singular conclusion; Cadfael sometimes berates himself for not seeing things sooner, or connecting the pieces, but his probing insights into other people gives him rare insight into their motives, guilt, or innocence. He’s intensely considerate of others, and respectful of their emotional states, but rarely opens up about his own struggles, or experiences, unless it’s to form a bond with someone else; he tells no one about his son, not even his son, but instead, treasures that knowledge in his heart. Cadfael is compassionate, often arguing for the moral rights of the peasants, but can be lost in his own feelings – when he’s upset, he shuts others out or refuses to show attentiveness to their pain; when a woman commits suicide as a result, Cadfael is deeply grieved, and enters a time of intense introspection and regret. His Te gets a regular workout. He’s authoritative and trustworthy; Prior Rudolphis entrusts him with finding answers to murders, tending the “purse” on long journeys, and keeping his fellow brothers in line; but Cadfael’s own method of doing things often puts him at odds with Brother Jerome and Prior Robert. He freely orders Brother Oswin about in his workshop, sometimes in terse tones due to Oswin’s clumsiness; Cadfael can be frank and unflinching when he’s upset, not mincing words when sharing his views. He has a natural skepticism toward anything unproven, waffling between respect for previous traditions and being incredulous over their absurdities.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Cadfael was a man of the world before he entered the cloth, prone to indulgences — he went into fierce battles, he killed people, he had lovers, he unknowingly had a son, and he regrets none of it. Though he has started to integrate into 2 (being a softer, kinder, more sensitive, and emotionally vulnerable man) his 8 still shows in his fierceness, his tendency to challenge and buck authority, and his awareness of who has the power in any given situation. Cadfael is impossible to cow or intimidate; he loses his temper frequently and berates Oswin and others for their recklessness. He is smart and calculating, knowing when to challenge someone and when to back off. He admits to another new convert that submission has been the hardest thing for him to learn. His 9 wing does not excessively like conflict, and tries to diffuse it, but his 8 makes him unwilling to back down on matters of principle. His 9 also has a non-moralizing tendency that is open-minded and unlike the rest of the monks, not overly focused on religious etiquette.