Caspian is gentle, kind-hearted, good-natured, mild-mannered, and self-contained. Starting out, he lacks the confidence to stand up to Peter or Edmund, but over time, as Aslan’s faith in him restores his sense of self-worth, Caspian develops into a strong leader, with firm convictions on what is “right.” When given the chance twice to murder his uncle, even though Caspian sets out both times to do it to avenge his father, he finds he cannot – his ethics won’t allow it. Since he devotes his life to goodness, he cannot betray that sense of self. Caspian values some opinions over others – his fear that his father may be ashamed of him for not living out the rest of his days as a king causes him to remain in Narnia, rather than travel into Aslan’s Country. Caspian sees no reason why different cultures cannot bond together, to create a new Narnia. He accepts that Narnians are real, that animals can talk, and that somehow the Narnian kings and queens of old can come back to aid him, simply by observing these things happen; unlike Susan, he doesn’t struggle to embrace the logic of Narnia. Caspian uses information more than he questions it, and can be authoritative under the influence of the dragon cave’s corrupting influences (ordering Edmund around, as a subject of the realm, and desiring power for its own sake). He is a boy of action, quickly running into the woods and fleeing to escape his own murder at the hands of his uncle’s men. He makes a friend of Reepicheep by appealing to his vanity, then submits to Peter’s authority once he recognizes him as the true king. But Caspian can also be reckless, leaving his friends to attack his uncle and force the truth out of him, in their assault upon the castle (though he cannot bring himself to commit murder, since it would violate his Fi). Later, he gleefully embarks upon the Dawn Treader in search of places and peoples unknown, going on dangerous adventures and not always questioning what he sees. Caspian can be naïve; he lets the White Witch’s followers resurrect her, believing she can help him defeat his uncle. He shows flits of Ni; he warns Peter the idea to invade is foolish. He didn’t know he’d encounter miraculous things, but marvels at them.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Caspian is a gentle and compassionate young king, who surrenders without a fight to the “noble mouse” that dares challenge him in the woods. He thinks so little of himself that when Aslan asks the kings and queens of Narnia to rise, he does not assume that includes him! He often surrenders what he wants, for what others want, but can occasionally, as he matures, become more combative and assertive. The caves bring out his hidden ambition and dominance, and his 8 wing fights with Edmund to gain the upper hand. He also rushes in to ‘level the playing field’ against his uncle and force him to admit to his crimes. Most of the time, however, he has a congenial, diplomatic, and patient personality.