Gimli appraises things on an extremely superficial level—when the Council of Elrond agrees they have but one choice, to destroy the Ring, without hesitation, Gimli brings his axe down upon it—and is astonished that it does not break beneath the weight. He treats Galadriel with distrust and suspicion, calling upon his natural prejudices, until he meets her face to face and experiences her consolation after the loss of Gandalf. Gimli is eager to leap into battle, excited at the thought of following the Uruk-Hai to rescue the hobbits, and doesn’t mind being “tossed” if it’s for a good cause. A dwarf of hale and hearty appetites, he is often the first to leap into battle, to chug down a dozen pints of ale in a drinking contest, and to wax poetic about his favorite foods. He has a sharp eye and is eager for physical exertion (except running long distances; “dwarves are natural sprinters!”). He processes information internally and then shares his conclusion, often directly through action. A natural fighter and scrapper, he also constantly thinks about how others are relating to him, and strives to impress them—he’s highly competitive with Legolas as they keep track of all the orcs they have slain in each battle. When intimidated to enter the Paths of the Dead, Gimli forces himself into action by reminding himself that the “elf would never let me hear the end of it” if he does not follow them.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Gimli is not afraid of anyone, and speaks his mind freely at all times – when in Lothlórien, he insults Haldir to his face by saying he’d spit upon the elf’s grave, even though they’re in a perilous situation. He is confrontational and even belligerent toward the elves until he befriends Legolas, and even then, he doesn’t want to appear weak, so he keeps up a good-natured rivalry with him. He doesn’t like to be seen as small or unimportant, so he bristles at insults about his height (“I would cut off your head, dwarf, if it was a bit higher from the ground”). He doesn’t “do” emotional reconciliations (showing the 8’s resistance to growth into 2), and can be contemplative and withdrawn when he’s truly upset (moving to 5). His 7 wing makes him an adventurer and always in search of further stimulation; he’s concerned with his own material health, and well being, but also in fulfilling his desires, in having a no-nonsense, blunt way about him, and in getting what he wants.