Legolas passes judgment upon Gimli based upon his dwarf heritage before he has even met him, and continues to hold a condescending attitude until, over time, he comes to respect the dwarf and consider him a friend worth fighting and dying for. He often has swift emotional reactions, standing up for Aragorn in the Council of Elrond, venting his frustration about the needless deaths all the men at Helm’s Deep face (for which Aragorn condemns him), and threatening Eomer when the man makes a reference to “cutting off the dwarf’s head, if it were a little higher from the ground.” He has an ongoing rivalry with Gimli that often manifests in them competing to see who can kill the most orcs first—the dwarf with his sword, or Legolas with his mad archery skills and daringness in spring into action, leaping onto the backs of cave trolls, plunging swords into the enemy, and careening across a battlefield or down a flight of stairs on a shield. On occasion, he reads into things based on how he feels for them and what he knows of the forest (he remarks that the trees are very old “and full of anger”) and makes cryptic remarks, but for the most part, he chooses to do battle and seek adventure, even after the Fellowship ends.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Legolas shifts between obedience to Aragorn’s leadership and challenging those around him in anger, often showing his temper but also wanting to contribute to the group. He has a deft sense of humor that can also be a little passive aggressive (teasing Gimli, and asking him if he wants Legolas to fetch him a box, so he can see better), and is resistant to other people influencing or controlling him in any way. He shows aggression whenever anyone threatens his friends, but is also soulful, deeply connected to the forest and all the creatures in it, and able to move past his own prejudices the longer he is around Gimli.