Even though she wants to keep her father happy, Arwen also feels a need to be true to herself and pursue Aragorn at the cost of her own life. She makes choices for herself, based on what she wants and values, and attempts to persuade anyone who tries to make her feel any different into being supportive of her need to follow her heart. Though she reluctantly submits to her father’s wishes for her to leave Middle-Earth, Arwen rushes back to him after seeing a vision of what she is leaving behind to confront him. She disagrees with him that “some things are certain,” by arguing there is always an alternate point of view, and a better reality to pursue. She encourages her father to have faith in Aragorn despite his avoidance of his responsibilities thus far. She has an unshaken idealism that governs her romantic attachment to him—when Aragorn fears his bad blood may condemn him to the same flaws as his ancestors, Arwen tells him that “you will face the same evil and defeat it.” She believes he will become the King of Gondor, and stakes her life on it. Since she bears no Ring of Power, the more Sauron grows in power, the more she “fades away” and the more essential it becomes for Aragorn to defeat him. Everything Arwen predicts and shapes her life toward come true.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Arwen isn’t that well developed within the context of the films (much like in the novels) but several things do suggest an attachment center—her adaptability, her tendency to be obedient to her father (without being afraid of her future, unlike a 6), and how she allows him to convince her to leave Middle Earth despite her affection for Aragorn, until she witnesses a vision that changes her mind and sends her home to confront him. Arwen even then needs her father to agree with her decision and for them to be in harmony with each other; like a 9. Once she has made up her mind, she turns a blind eye to others’ arguments, binding her life force to Aragorn despite his protests, and staying in Middle-earth even when her father wishes she would not. Arwen also feels a conviction about being in the right—it’s right for her to give Aragorn the Evenstar, so she doesn’t question it; it’s right for her to support him and urge him not to fear that the “same weakness” flows through his veins; it’s right to become his future wife and to save Frodo from the Nazgul.

The Lover Archetype

The Lover is characterized by passion, love, and intimacy. Lovers are drawn to relationships and intimacy. They often have a strong need for emotional connection and feel incomplete without it. Lovers are usually very passionate people who experience love deeply. They may also be attracted to physical intimacy and enjoy being close to others. They are looking for a deep, meaningful relationship. They may be attracted to the arts or spirituality as a way to find an emotional connection.