Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Ben pores all his time, energy, and focus into being a top achiever and model A student. He is competitive and driven… because he has to be. His parents ignore him all the time, so all he has left is school. Ben has a ton of facts he rattles off in school, excels at application, delegation, and turning in A-grade assignments. He can be blunt, critical, and unconcerned with other people and their feelings. When his classmates shoot down his “stupid” idea for a school project, Ben simply shoves them off to the side, completes it himself, and hands in the finished product. His entire life revolves around accomplishment and academia. But… his feelings tag along behind. Ben is lonely. He doesn’t know how to ask his parents for love and attention. He doesn’t know how to make friends (and so, his only friends are his girlfriend’s friends). When he starts to like Devi, he doesn’t understand being drawn to her and has to get drunk before he admits to his feelings… which he shows through actions. He likes to prepare for all his assignments and can be stubborn about his interpretation of things. He doesn’t appreciate Devi showing up and “winging her way” through a debate club in her role as a small country. When she improvises, trades nukes for favors at her table, and launches them all at him, he freezes, unsure what to do with this new, unstable information. In his down time, Ben entertains himself with sensory activities such as watching television in his enormous bathtub, playing basketball alone on the family court, and chatting up his friends about shared geek interests online. He can be so focused on deliberate tasks, he doesn’t know how to improvise in new situations, although his intuition does tell him there is something fishy about Devi’s story about sleeping with the hottest guy in school, and that the dude who lured him out to a pizza parlor is a sicko.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Born to a workaholic father who prioritizes his clients above his son, and an airhead mother who is never around, the only way Ben knows how to get any attention is to … call attention to his achievements. He often boasts about the people his father knows, about who he has sat beside at baseball games, even “that’s my housekeeper!” on the television. His arrogance, his desperate need for others to admire him, his competitiveness, and his assertiveness are all to cover up the fact that he feels… alone. Unwanted. Unloved. He has to spend most of his birthday alone, and doesn’t know how to invite people to his party. He becomes furious whenever Devi threatens to unseat him, or shows him up, or gets more positive attention than he does. Ben’s 2 wing wants love. He doesn’t know how to dial himself back to be more presentable, so he comes across as needy. Yet, he can be quite charming and likable, even helpful to Devi, when he sees that they could be friends. Or something… more.