Since a lot of them are under-developed, I should wait for season two before typing them in full. But there are “broad strokes” that suggest their types.

Paxton: ESFP

A social extrovert and someone who keeps going, always, Paxton also has more of a moral spine than Devi. He is offended when he finds out she has used him to pad her credentials and seem “cooler” than she is, but also forgives her for her mistakes. He is a sports star, hyper active at parties, and into the “club scene.” His sister says his usual girlfriends are tramps. He’s eager to have sex just as something to do, but seems to conceal his deeper feelings beneath avoidance. His Enneagram is unclear, but he could be a 7w6. Family seems important to him, but he’s more reckless and desirous of distractions than cautious.

Nalini: ESFJ 2w3 social

Devi’s mother is traditional, cautious, and somewhat controlling. It bothers her that she cannot keep her daughter interested in their Indian ways, so they have almost continual power struggles and conflict. She isn’t above seeing things another way through her Ne, such as when she decides to keep her husband’s motorbike after all, but comes at it from a place of “well, this is how it has always been” when pushing her niece into marriage. Her Fe-dom needs a consensus of emotion, and doesn’t mind stretching the truth to impress people. As a 2, she takes care of everyone and feels resentful when they don’t appreciate it.

Kamala: ESFJ 9w1 sexual

Devi’s “hot” cousin is so consumed with keeping everyone else happy all the time, she doesn’t know what she wants out of life or how to assert her truth. Her 9 wants to please and numb herself to disapproval; she almost considers marrying a man she has never met and is sure she won’t love, just to keep everyone from yelling at her. She conforms rather rigidly to her upbringing, but as time goes by, starts to awaken her Ne and consider that she could establish her own life.

Eleanor: ISFP 4w3

Eleanor is a 4 from the minute she appears on screen in her zany outfit and blathers on about how much better she is than the common horde, because she’s unique. She is a Fi-dom, concerned primarily with how she fits in (or does not) and how unloved she is by her mother, a selfish and immature SFP who puts her career ahead of raising her children. She throws herself body and soul into acting and when her mother betrays her, and she loses that, her entire identity crumbles. I considered INFP, but her intuition isn’t that hot, or at least doesn’t show up much, and she has no visible Si. Rather, she seems to focus on how she looks, on acting class, and on self-expression.

Fabiola: ITP 9w1

The narrative does not give Fabiola much to do, except struggle with her awakening sexuality. That she doesn’t know what to do with it, or how to express it, but also needs others to love and accept her in a supportive way suggests Fe, along with her interest in mechanics, invention, and creating computer systems. Her 9 struggles with learning to articulate herself and put herself out there, as well as fights off anxiety at the thought of disappointing her parents. Her chosen science field could imply Ne or low Ni. She doesn’t show much in the way of N/S functions.

The hyper Mr. Shapiro (their teacher) is an ENTP 7w6, more interested in building weird and creative “relevant” arguments and making sure no one feels offended than in the usual teaching methods. Devi’s therapist appears to be an ENFJ. She tells it like it is, tries to get Devi to deal with her low Fe problems (with no success), but ultimately has a sense of what Devi is most avoiding and needs to fix.