Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Captain Esteban gives the impression of ‘running’ California behind a puppet governor—a passive, fearful man whom Esteban can control. He has established a corrupted government that over-taxes the people through legal channels. When Diego becomes a ‘problem’ and a thorn in his side, due to his aggressive flirtations with Esteban’s mistress (the governor’s wife), Esteban proposes a diplomatic marriage between Diego and the governor’s niece, that would unite the new and former governors of California, thus creating an alliance that he also hopes will decrease Diego’s presence at the governor’s household. An expert swordsman of many years, Esteban is forever “thrusting at this and that,” exerting his restless energy through aggression. He taught swordsmanship for many years in Spain, and has never found another interest or habit to replace it. It takes an enormous amount of effort for Diego to out-fight him, in their duel to the death, because of his long-studied skill. He is pragmatic and based in the present, more interested in momentary advancements and securing their position than in lofty ideals, though he can be suspicious from time to time of Deigo’s intentions (though he does not guess his true identity). Esteban scoffs at fanciful stories and the nonsense Diego feeds the governor. Though he finds Diego intolerable, most of the time he manages to keep his temper and treat him with diplomacy. But he becomes touchy when Diego mocks his former troubles in Spain—he had “killed a man of influence, over a lady” (“His wife, no doubt?”).

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Esteban primarily concerns himself with power—who has it (him), who wants it (other people) and how to maintain it (through force, aggression, and intimidation). A smart man, he does not intentionally provoke his enemies, but waits for the chance to strike at their weakness. He quietly but firmly goes about getting his way, even if that involves bullying or intimidating the governor (threatening to kill him, if he thinks he can leave with “any of my money”). He scoffs at Diego’s frippery and foppish tastes, finding him mundane and childish, but also knows how to use him to get a diplomatic alliance. His 9 wing makes him able to diffuse his anger quickly, but also colder toward others. He exerts more quiet force than outright dominance.