Diego is a fierce rider, swordsman, and opportunist, who complains that in Spain, he’s tired of having to fight duels (because he’s so often in trouble with people). His Se truly shines, however, once he reaches California and discovers the oppression of the people by the new governor who has replaced his father. In almost an instant, he decides to become a masked outlaw, to steal from the rich and give to the poor, and protect his identity through transforming himself into a fop. The earthy man becomes obsessed with clothes, perfumes, and fabrics! All to cover up his sneaking around at night, stealing in through windows, holding up stage coaches, liberating tax money, and letting out of wine in the governor’s cellars. Quick-thinking and a man able to work things out as he goes, Diego knows the best way to restore law and order is to take down the corrupt men in charge—and he does that through a “divide and conquer” campaign mixed with fear tactics. He undercuts the Captain through charm, making him believe Diego is a fop (but not completely), and winning over the governor’s wife – seducing her, flattering her, and suavely convincing her of good reasons to return to Spain. With the governor, he manipulates him into being afraid of Zorro, constantly talking about and likening the masked bandit to a psychopath he met in Spain who “slit people’s throats from ear to ear.” He plays the irreverent, careless shallow man in public, but in private, wins over his lady love by being passionate, adoring, and openly sharing his feelings. His Fe cannot stand by and allow the common man to be harmed. His Ni decides the outcome he wants (to run the governor out, any way possible) but is not very good at quickly figuring out what is happening when he first arrives (it baffles him that everyone speaks so poorly of his father; it never occurs to him his father may have resigned his position!).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Diego is a careless extrovert with big appetites at the beginning of the story—a man who runs away from troubles, who gets in and out of duels, who loves to jump, gamble, and entertain his friends with “a round on me.” Once he reaches California, however, he undertakes a mission to liberate people and restore them to the happier California of his younger years, beneath his father’s benevolence. He is witty, irreverent, and enjoys playing the fool, in order to protect himself and others and conceal his identity. Beneath it, however, runs a 6ish desire to defend his family in safe ways, and a softness that stays his hand – he does not want to kill anyone and actively avoids doing so, until the Captain challenges him to a duel to the death.