Djaq is extremely knowledgeable about medicine, since she learned it from her father and studied it in the Holy Land. She uses what she knows to help out the gang and get them out of jams, often using the tricks she learned in childhood and/or referencing what she knows. She is more methodical than her companions and less willing to take risks, but she also can figure out what to do, using what she already knows (like deliver a baby, even if she’s never done it before, with Little John’s help). She doesn’t waste much time hypothesizing unless a situation calls for it, and prefers a direct approach, but also instinctively knows that Allan is the traitor among them, and reasons that he must have his own good reasons, because she would in his position. When Djaq thinks they are all going to die, she suggests a session of emotional sharing in which they say everything they have been suppressing for a long time. She starts off, leading them by confessing her feelings for Will Scarlett. She urges the rest to share, but the Fi users find this difficult (other than Will). She can be warm, reassuring, and kind to other people, often taking the time to get to understand them, and reasoning her way through things. But when the sheriff expects her to invent something, she figures out a way to escape instead.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Djaq doesn’t like to cause trouble and often ops out of it whenever there is conflict within the group. She obeys Robin Hood even in many situations where she might disagree with him, and asks others to do the same. She has a universally non-judgmental disposition; she’s the only one of the gang not to harshly condemn Allan’s betrayal, and she is willing to welcome him back. She is hard-working, dedicated, and self-forgetting, but can also be stubborn and resilient.