Opportunity knocks, if only you are ready and willing to look for it. Allan is a thief and a bandit, who leaps into action on Robin’s behalf many times—and his own, when his welcome wears thin. He’s quick to bring his brother into the group, but doesn’t think Robin should save him after he does something foolish (Ti detachment). After being kicked out of the woods, Allan knows he needs a source of employment, so he asks Guy for a job. He feeds them information about how Robin gets in and out of the castle, to secure his own safety. Given the chance, however, to worm his way back into the group, Allan leaps at the chance — and proves an effective member of the team in his opportunism. He Ni-ishly thinks about and plans for the future, often involving Will Scarlett in his schemes, but under-estimates the danger in being a double-agent, which leads him to fall out with someone he admires because he never thought about the consequences or the possibility that he might get caught. He has a more rational side than some of the gang he spends his time with in the woods; he reasons that once they stop saving people and giving all their money away (which is irrational in his mind), they won’t have anything left for themselves, so it’s better to “prepare for the future” (Ti/Ni). Though he believes in doing ‘right’ as led by Robin and develops a ‘we’ mindset in the process, Allan is still more practical, detached, and logical than the rest of them – often pointing out that there’s no benefit to what they are doing, and cleverly thinking his way through tough situations. When Marian likens his going along with the sheriff’s treason as treason, Allan finds that ridiculous! His inferior Fe can be callous; he doesn’t always think about the impact his decisions have on his friends or the people in the outside world. He also seeks alliances, in like-minded others, looking to Guy for protection against Robin and a job, after “I did this for you.” His excuses are often Fe-based, to cover up his greed – he was doing this “for us.” But they don’t fly with Robin, who rejects him from the group, which makes Allan turn on him (yet, he still has the moral mindset not to endanger Marian, even though he uses what he knows to make the Sheriff trust him).

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Allan is a free-wheeling, responsibility-avoiding, fun-loving person who thinks all his needs ought to be fulfilled “right now.” That’s ultimately what causes him to make the wrong choice in life—his gluttony for ‘more’ things for himself. He is funny and opportunistic, with a witticism for any occasion and a natural ability to turn most things into a joke, but can also be irresponsible and commitment-avoiding. He already is thinking about the future, when they still have much work to do in the present—and he wants to make sure he has enough money to enjoy himself once he gets there. His 6 wing finds security in authority figures, first in Robin and then in Guy, whom he seeks out for “protection.” He feels increasingly anxious, having his friends furious with him, because he hated to displease them. In the midst of betraying them (and carefully choosing information that would not get any of them killed), he experienced anxiety about being caught. He tries everything he can think of, to get back in Robin’s good graces, and is still loyal enough, even acting for the Sheriff, to make sure he says and does nothing to hurt Lady Marian or reveal her secret identity.