Little John is a compassionate and caring man, who relies on what he sees and what has worked before, to make his decisions—he takes his role as a protector of the innocent seriously and this causes him to, at times, misjudge situations, such as when he unknowingly brings the Sheriff and a small group of bandits into their home, out of a desire to assist them. His biggest regret stems from abandoning his family and leaving his wife to raise his son alone, out of a need and desire to protect them, once he attained outlaw status. Under pressure, he can fall back on stereotypical fears and worst-case-scenario thinking—believing anything he has never before encountered is black magic and/or evil, such as the death mask. He can be superstitious, and stubborn in his resistance to adaptation. While kind, Little John is also firm, opinionated, and driven by the facts of a situation. He argues that Robin and the gang need a plan and should not just go off half-cocked. Though it pains him, he shields his survival from his wife as long as he can, to protect her—an act of selflessness that also means giving up what he wants most (a family and life at home). He is leery about sharing his opinions easily, and most of the gang know very little about him. Little John can become emotional at times, but he also tempers this with logic. He can be stubborn in his refusal to go along with anything he disagrees with, causing conflict at times with Little John and Will Scarlett.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Little John can be 8ish in his desire to protect people, but he’s actually more mild-mannered and submissive than he first appears. He doesn’t quite know what to do when people come on strong to him (such as Eleanor of Aquitaine) and happily follows Robin Hood’s leadership most of the time, but also can be stubborn and resistant to outside influences, such as whenever he calmly sits down and refuses to join in on anything he does not like. Under stress, he becomes more 6ish in his anxieties and fears about bad things happening. His 8 wing leaps into action to protect people; his friends must at times actively hold him back from ‘evening the score’ or taking premature action.