Will has a strong sense of right and wrong, as determined by how he feels about things—he joins Robin’s gang out of a desire to pass out judgment and right the wrongs of the sheriff, and finds it difficult to just stand by and watch bad things happen to good people. Though for a time, led by Allan, he considers breaking off from the group in his own interest, Will cannot live with this, in his mind, amoral decision and returns to the fold. He has a black and white mentality, turning his back on Allan when he believes him a traitor. Though in love with Djaq, it takes him a long time to admit to his feelings. Though gentle, kind, and temperate much of the time, under pressure Will becomes more ruthless. He sets out to poison the sheriff and almost succeeds, except Robin Hood refuses to let him do this evil thing and also drinks the poison, therefore ensuring that Will gives him the anecdote. He can be blunt, and shut people out of his life once they cross the line. Quick to leap into action, and confident in his environment, Will enjoys his life in the woods, taking risks in helping others, setting and employing traps, and even creating clever ways to conceal their weapons when they sneak into the castle (he invents musical instruments that snap into bows and hide sword hilts, showing an enjoyment of working with his hands whenever possible and learning through touch and doing). He can be impulsive and sometimes reckless, chasing after Robin, throwing himself into danger in rescuing kids, and highly observant. Will can disappear easily into the woods, scale walls, go undercover, pick locks, and do all kinds of useful, quick-thinking things. He on occasion has hunches that appear to be true, but more often relies on his sense of morality and willingness to act to see him through.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Will can be moralistic and principled, unwilling to forgive others when they do the wrong thing and quick to call them out on it. Whenever Robin goes off the rails into revenge, Will wants to pull him back and for him to show restraint — and yet when he loses his family, Will also takes it upon himself to kill the sheriff in vengeance. He can be hard on himself, in regretting certain decisions. His 9 wing is not quick to anger, and often diffuses the tension around him, convincing the others to get along… or simply walking away when the tensions rise too high. He advocates for justice and doesn’t believe Robin is doing the right thing in wanting to kill Sir Guy for attacking King Richard in the Holy Land, but also isn’t willing to defy him. He is quiet, shy, and often “a voice of reason” among his friends. Will is hesitant to make his feelings for Djaq known and it takes him awhile to “get a move on” in showing them.