Much has an ongoing monologue about his feelings that drives all his friends to distraction – it’s hot, cold, he’s hungry, he doesn’t like being treated as a servant, and his feelings easily get hurt through slights. He cannot shut up, even when they all want him to. But he is also considerate of them all, willing to cook and clean for them (and angry if they are ungrateful), compassionate toward others, and devoted to the person he most cares about, namely Robin Hood. Much has a forgiving nature; even though Robin hurts him terribly on several occasions by being downright rude or cruel, Much still goes out of his way to help him, showing greater concern for his friend’s emotional needs than his own. He is not good at being detached, analyzing his own motives, or being objective about the people he loves. Even though Much won his freedom from indentured servitude in the holy land, he’s been doing it so long… he just keeps on doing it for Robin. He cannot get out of the habit, nor does he seem to really want to. Given a new life by the Sheriff, a beautiful companion, and all the luxuries his sensory-loving little heart can want (from baths to dinner), Much still longs to return to the woods and his friends and live a more familiar life, relegating these desires and dreams to “the future.” He has keen insights into Robin’s emotional states and interprets what’s really going on with him accurately from time to time (Ne) but guesses all the wrong people when considering who might be the traitor in their gang.

Enneagram: 2w3 sp/so

Much like Sam in The Lord of the Rings, Much spends all his time pleasing and looking after his master! He cares for his needs, he makes sure both of them are well-fed, he sacrifices at times for the greater good of Robin Hood, but is also constantly hungry, a chronic complainer when others do not appreciate what he does for them (they are whining about eating squirrel, when he had to find and catch the darn things!), moody, and emotional. He can be childish and petulant, fearful, and co-dependent, relying on Robin to protect him, but also aggressively standing up for himself when push comes to shove, and showing no mercy whenever Robin is under threat (moving into 8). His 3 wing wants admiration very much; he is often arrogant, and tries to impress others by insisting on his own importance, but this often backfires and/or makes him look foolish.