The Sheriff has ironclad intentions and plans for what he wants to accomplish in the world. He took over Nottingham to raise its taxes so that he could raise enough money to fund an army of Black Knights. He intends to send them to the Holy Land to kill King Richard and invade on behalf of Prince John. Though Robin continually thwarts him, the Sheriff often outsmarts and outthinks him, getting there ahead of him with his diabolical schemes, ranging from killing people ahead of schedule to setting traps and stabbing an ally in the back. When an earl wants Marian and Suffolk in exchange for signing the Pact of Black Knights, the sheriff agrees—only to turn up later and kill him, reasoning that he has no intention of giving up Suffolk. A man without moral conscience, the sheriff cares about no one other than himself and his “cause.” He will betray Sir Guy’s life for it. He scorns sensitive emotions and has no interest in them, but also feels deeply for his sister and is murderously angry after her death. Guy admires him, because he has a “single plan” for his life that he aims all ends toward – his desire to see Prince John on the throne, and rise alongside him as a loyal member of the realm. The Sheriff is quick-witted, able to see through a lot of Robin’s schemes. He sizes up Marian and knows how to manipulate her through her father. He recognizes Guy’s potential and preys on it. All in the service of his higher intentions and end result, of him being a rich landowner. The sheriff can be opportunistic, but prefers to leave the hands-on stuff to his guards… most of the time. On occasion, he will kill someone himself, or grab a sword to defend himself, and even on a “walkabout,” pretend to be a blind man so he can sneak into Robin’s camp.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

The Sheriff is ruthless, unscrupulous, and a deeply unhealthy man, who has to dominate everyone and force them to submit to his will. If they refuse, he kills them. If they flout his authority, he chops off their hand. Whatever he wants, he takes or sends his men to fetch. He has no real concern for anyone but himself, and doesn’t care if people think he’s evil – like an unhealthy 8, he finds that amusing. Being “bad” is fun, after all, and it means never denying himself anything that he wants. This backfires in how people fear him, but aren’t on his side. Most of them would love to kill him, including Sir Guy. His 7 wing has a whimsical, playful, and hedonistic nature. He can turn almost any tense situation into a mockery.