Marian is a social crusader who has strong opinions about the injustices that transpire in Nottingham. She has no compunction in telling Robin Hood what she thinks of him and his sometimes foolish, reckless behaviors. Though she initially has no feelings for Sir Guy, she allows him to pursue a romantic attachment to her, as a cover for her secret identity as the Night Watchman. Though torn between duty to her father and moral responsibilities within the castle, Marian does not want to marry him – yet finds herself manipulating him frequently to cover up her true intentions. She becomes progressively better at this as the series unfolds, even convincing him after she jilts him at the altar that they might have a future together. She created an identity for herself devoted to helping the poor and oppressed. She focuses so much on being appropriate, hard-working, and pleasing her father, it takes her a long time to self-evaluate, realize that she loves Robin, and admit it to herself, much less to him. Instead of going outside the system and attacking it as Robin does, Marian respects it and tries to work inside it, to change it from the inside out, feeding the outlaws information, and remaining at the heart of Nottingham. Marian is far more methodical, careful, and temperate in her decisions than Robin, because she knows how things work in Nottingham. She often urges him to be less opportunistic and less reckless, and is more able to maintain, for the long term, her secret identity as the Night Watchman, because she devotes careful time and patience to how she goes about stealing from the rich to feed the poor. Though angry at Robin for him leaving her so many years ago, when he returns, she falls back in love with him—right back into the familiarity they shared. She has a hyper-active Ne. At times, she knows what is ‘really’ going on faster than Robin does and points it out to him (this is what the sheriff intends to accomplish by doing this, you need to back off and not save everyone this time, or he will catch you), but she also shows a fatal idealism about Guy. Because she has manipulated him in the past, she assumes she can convince him to do the right thing, assist her in escaping, and help transform him into a better person. Her inferior Ti, however, is poor at analyzing her own motives, desires, and behaviors, and she makes a fatal mistake when she fails to understand the depth of Guy’s passion for her, or that her callous misuse of him over several years could backfire.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Marian tells her father all she has ever wanted from him has been his “support” (love). For him to believe in and protect her. She has firm opinions and goes out of her way to help and save people, sometimes relying on Robin to do the heavy lifting and at other times, adopting a persona of The Night Watchman in order to protect her identity. Marian also uses seduction, sweetness, charm, and an innocent persona to appeal to and manipulate Guy into saving and protecting her, even as she works against him. Though awkward in this at first, she becomes better at it over time. As an sp2, she often holds back from helping or saving people in public, out of fear and awareness of how this could backfire on herself or her father, and is a reluctant participant in the gang. Marion’s 1 wing has fierce moral opinions; at first, she despises Robin for his abandonment of her and his recklessness. She judges him harshly for his decisions she does not agree with. She has a similar anger toward Guy but also a naive idealistic 1ish desire to see him become a better man.