Robin is excellent at figuring out, on the fly, what to do to save people, get himself in and out of trouble, and use his environment to his advantage – one example is managing to knock over a case of spears when suspended above a pit of poisonous snakes, thereby giving him something to balance on until he can crawl safely back onto solid ground. Marian often chastises him for being reckless, opportunistic, and reacting without thinking—and she has a point. Though Robin goes in “with a plan,” he more often improvises and fails to think beyond the present—as is shown when the Sheriff hangs some of the people Robin hoped to save an hour before he arrives. Robin is aggressive and quick thinking, but also lives mostly in the present. His inferior Ni shows in how he is not a tactical thinker, how he often figures out suddenly what is going on (like knowing the Sheriff has gone to the camp to find the document he stole)… but sometimes, too late to do anything about it. Right from the start, Robin establishes his own moral rules for the group, in that they avoid killing people as much as possible—and then violates his own rule, when he realizes Guy tried to murder King Richard in the Holy Land. Robin becomes stubborn and defensive about what he wants to do, refusing to listen to any of his friends or compromise with them, instead banishing them all from camp and needing knocked out and tied up before he will listen to reason (and not even then). After a grave personal loss, Robin abandons his usual moral, happy exterior and becomes bitter, deeply internalizing his emotions and isolating from his friends. He does not like to “share” or “air” his feelings in the group, even when they are all about to die. His absolutism can sometimes drive a wedge between him and Much. Robin likes to go in with a plan and have a backup plan in case the first one fails. He is effective at setting traps and thinking logically, though his emotions often sway his decisions toward trying to save everyone. Under pressure, such as the situation with Guy, he can become incredibly rude and cruel to his friends—calling Much “useless” and “pathetic.” Looping into Te ruthlessness. Not thinking about the broader picture, and simply coveting revenge.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Robin sees himself as a “rescuer” of those who need protected, and gives up everything in his life to become a bandit who robs from the rich to feed the poor. He finds it fun to challenge and work around the Sheriff and Guy’s intentions and to mess with their plans, but it’s all about defending the innocent and helpless. Robin’s good side as an 8, his healthy side, shows in how he wrangles power, and tries to defend those who need it. His bad side shows in how belligerent he can be, unwilling and unable to listen to any opinion other than his own when he feels strongly about something, how mean he can be to Much when he is in a dark head space, and how he will throw aside his own moral rules to seek revenge. He refuses to back down or give an inch, almost never apologizes for his mistakes, and can be callous. But on his good days, his 7 wing is playful, avoiding of unnecessary pain, and doesn’t like to look back, only ahead to more pleasurable times. Under stress in season three, Robin disintegrates into 5 – he becomes isolated, suspicious of anyone who tries to protect him, no longer wants to work alongside his friends, and protective of his feelings, rather than allowing himself to open up emotionally and mourn the woman he loved.