Clarice has a strong sense of ethical judgments that encompass the greater good for everyone involved. She often acts as a peacemaker to bring people together, is quick to welcome others into her home, and is more efficient than her husband at making others like and respond to her, as a diplomat. She constantly urges Lorenzo to be more considerate and return to his ‘former self’ (a healthy Fe) after the loss of his brother, but when he refuses, she undertakes doing things for the family business that cause her some concern. She is forthcoming with her feelings, admitting when she doesn’t like her husband’s mistress, remaining guarded around potential enemies, talking about how doctoring the books to cover up missing funds makes her feel, and finding it hard to reconcile the idea of trading her children around like chess pieces on a board. Clarice finds detachment disdainful; she would rather deal in ethics and their tactics (working hard for her family, urging the church to show more compassion and give away more money to the poor, forcing her children to get along, scolding her husband for his immoral decisions). Though not super interested in Lorenzo as a husband at first, Clarice goes along with the family alliance and marries him. She then focuses on the daily needs of her family, her husband, and the city around them. Unlike her husband, who has a ‘grand vision’ she cannot understand, she prefers more tactile uses of her time. She works among the poor, opens their home when necessary to refugees, collects information in Rome, and does not want to travel there in the first place. She has a constant, excellent referencing system to how people were before, compared to how they act now (and in Lorenzo’s case, in season two, she finds him lacking – he was a better man before he became unscrupulous). Her Ne is somewhat good at guessing when she cannot trust others, and is cautious – she doesn’t like her husband to take such massive power risks, to go dangerous places, or volunteer to remain a hostage. She is willing to bluff her way through hard times, but also worries in retrospect about what might happen later, if anyone discovers the truth. She senses that her husband had someone killed who was about to betray them.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Clarice wants love and finds it through being an active helper. She offers to assist her mother in law where she can, she takes an active role in the lives of her children and urges them to be both useful and well-behaved, she goes against her husband’s wishes and sees his sister, whom he banished from the house after she married without his permission. Clarice spends all her free time serving the poor at the church, handing out alms, and doing good things. She brokers alliances. She furthers and promotes her family. But she also has trouble asserting what she wants early in their marriage. As time goes by, however, she becomes more aggressive and emotional, chastising her husband for his amoral decisions whenever he triggers her 1 wing. She can be rather judgmental at times of her children’s misbehaviors or wrong opinions.