Marvin’s extensive experience with unstable and untrustworthy sources has created a system in his mind that he super-imposes over reality – he expects life to unfold a certain way and… he’s right, it often does follow that pattern. He’s detached and analytical, able to rig multiple telephones to obscure their voices and make traces difficult, but also quick to point out the irrationality of what they are doing and the likely income (“They scan her voice from that pay phone, triangulate it, and will be here in twenty minutes”). He expects certain behaviors from Frank (“I thought you might try and kill me, since last time we met, I tried to kill you, and people tend to hold grudges over that sort of thing”) but also is detached and enjoys analyzing him (he tells Frank to “stop running away from your emotional center,” and that he’s doing good in “bonding” with Sarah; that she “must like you, because she’s staying around!”). Despite the doses of LSD that has screwed up his brain, Marvin is a good, successful, and dangerous operative, good at improvising in the moment. He doesn’t mind a certain level of danger and improvisation in the environment. He even takes the chance to shoot someone behind Frank’s back, when given half the chance. He is quick to notice things and point them out, such as enemy surveillance or that someone is tailing them. He is impulsive when he feels threatened (“He does this a lot,” Frank says of his faked death). He digs himself a safe house bunker in a swamp, to stay away from people and keep an eye on things. Due to his paranoia, Marvin over-relies on his Ni. He reads into situations all the time and is often completely right in his conclusions – but other people think he’s nuts. Marvin sees Sarah’s potential and skill level long before Frank is willing to let her endanger herself on missions; he reasons who they can trust and who they cannot trust; he claimed for decades he was being “dosed” with drugs – and he was; a lot of his trust issues come from his own traumatic experiences with being given doses of LSD. His own inferior Fe doesn’t factor much into his decisions, except he can become pissy when someone insults him (“Old man, my ass!” he shouts after he blows up someone who called him ancient).

Enneagram: cp 6w5 sp/sx

Marvin is erratic, distrusting, trusting, and… well, complicated. He’s paranoid, and reacts as a counter phobic by attacking whatever he fears somewhat recklessly, but he’s right most of the time. He both trusts and doesn’t trust his friends (after all, they have tried to kill each other at various times in their lives, and some people hold grudges), keeping a close watch on them in case they pull any stunts. He goes so far as to fake his own death to maintain his security. Marvin lives in a bunker, underneath a car hidden in a swamp, with a house as a “decoy” (what do you want to bet he has the place booby-trapped?). His 5 wing allows him to trust his own mind and his decisions, making him methodical and logical. Under stress, he moves into 3 behaviors – reacting with aggression, being competitive, and having knee-jerk reactions to things.