Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Where everyone else who is “R.E.D” has gone on to have semi-normal lives (moving into old folks’ homes, buying houses in the suburbs, or like Marvin, hiding out in a swamp), Victoria is financially benefiting off her experience by establishing herself as a hit-woman who does odd jobs on the side. She has used that money to purchase herself a nice house in a fine neighborhood. She is a no-nonsense problem solver, who has no motive other than to get the job done, get paid, and get home… alive, if she can manage it. She does what she doesn’t want to, begrudgingly, because it will aid their overall plan (“You know they’re just going to try to kill me,” she grouses). Victoria is somewhat confounded by the facts; after being shot, she tells Marvin to save himself, since she is a liability to him and will only slow him down. She is direct, and authoritative, but also has a softer side that comes out in blunt threats (“I have known Frank a long time… he’s soft inside… if you hurt him in any way, I’ll kill you and bury your body in the woods”). “I love it… the gardening, the baking… and I take the odd job on the side.” Victoria has been a secret agent / assassin for MI-6 for so long, she just can’t get out of the habit of … well, killing people. She also is more aware of the daily ‘needs’ in life than Marvin or Frank; she gives herself a beautiful house to putter around in, reunites with her old flame, and has so much experience, nothing really phases her, even when there’s a bomb about to go off. The longer she has known someone, the more she understands their deeper drives and nature; but she does not speculate unnecessarily on their motives, which means someone with a hidden agenda catches her off guard (inferior Ne).

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Victoria is surprisingly warm, mothering, and good-natured. She turns most things into witticisms and maintains an optimistic, pleasure-seeking attitude. Being at home all the time bores her, so she seeks outside stimulation and comes alive in intense situations. She can threaten Sarah’s life if she hurts Frank, then turn right around and engage in cheerful conversation again. Her 8 wing is earthy, hedonistic, and means business. When told by her agency to kill the man she loved, she put three bullets in his chest… but missed his heart on purpose. Victoria does not like to admit to her own feelings.