Frank can rationally think himself out of any situation, and prioritizes logic, efficiency, and safety first when it comes to his decision making; he reasons that it’s not likely his friend is dead (“He does this a lot”) and refuses to believe it for awhile; he tells Marvin off for giving his girlfriend a gun, considering she’s so… ah… well, “You don’t give fire to a kitten!” He doesn’t let personal relationships get in the way of detached reasoning (“Victoria has put out a hit on us […] Oh, she’ll do it!”); but a lot of his development comes from learning to embrace his lower Fe, in figuring out how to relate to his girlfriend’s emotions, open up about his own feelings, and in “running instead of away from to his emotional center” (thanks, Marv). Dangerous situation? Pfft, Frank handles it like a pro. He can steal cars, step calmly out of them mid-spin, shoot up the place, improvise, escape handcuffs, and pull off just about any stunt you want to think about, even if it totals his entire house in the process. Truth is, tho, he’s more of an action guy than a “stay at home” guy – despite his attempts to BBQ and stick a Santa on his front porch at Christmastime. He has no delusions about anyone, either; his intuition is touch and go – and often working in “scared” mode (being concerned about Sarah having a gun and/or getting hurt due to her inexperience, trusting his old girlfriend when he should not have, getting fooled by someone).

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Frank is astoundingly calm in whatever situation he finds himself in, showing his natural ability to understand when to use pressure or back off. He is well aware of who has the authority in any given situation and often ensures it is himself, by leveraging whatever he has got against his enemies (such as threatening the man’s family who is targeting him). When fearing for Sarah’s life, he simply knocks her out and ties her up, insisting that only he can protect her. He adeptly adapts and uses violence when necessary to make his point, but he is also unruffled, calm, and longs for a normal, BORING life in the suburbs. He notices everyone else has Christmas lights up, so he installs a few of his own and sticks up a blow-up Christmas decoration on his porch. He keeps insisting he just wants to retire and be left alone.