Before she met Frank, Sarah was bored to death at her desk job and read trashy romantic spy novels to spice up her life; but once she gets a taste of adventure, she wants more… a lot more. Sarah is opportunistic and eager to involve herself in missions; she refuses to be left behind and can improvise when necessary – she wants Frank to engage with her physically (yes, by all means, if it sells it, smack me!) and if she doesn’t want to shoot / kill someone, or torture them, she gives them a passionate kiss! Her inferior Ni shows in how she does not read into anything, and tries to ground Frank (“he’s dead… he’s not faking this…”) when she thinks he’s being paranoid, but also in how she doesn’t really plan ahead or think how this could turn out. She’s more sensitive than she lets on, but not especially verbal about it – she tells Frank off for him complaining about her shopping, after he goes out with an old girlfriend and she drugs him; she slaps him in the face to wake him up from the drugs, rather than talk about her feelings; she’s often blunt and straightforward, but also has a moral core the others lack – why shoot someone if you do not have to? She tries to seduce and beguile and sometimes succeeds at it (as a Fi she cannot pull it off very well), but also defaults into “let’s get this done” action mode.

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/so

Sarah craves adventure and stimulation and even though she’s angry at Frank at first for kidnapping her, she soon gets over it and becomes more and more excited about going places, tracking people, doing things. To hell with a conventional, boring life! Even when Frank wants to settle down and BBQ on the weekends, Sarah is just waiting for the next adventure to come along. She is funny, good-natured, and doesn’t even take Victoria’s threats too personally, seeing the humor in her threat to bury her body in the woods. Her 8 wing is aggressive and easily expresses her rage, whether that is screaming at Frank while tied to a bed and gagged or lacking any kind of fear in an intense situation.