Dana Sue thinks in terms of town dynamics and what she can do to help out in the community. She also, unfortunately, has a desire to squelch her daughter’s Fi-dom individual striving, because she thinks the pictures she takes of the town makes it look “dingy” and reflects poorly on them. In this way, she tries to control everything around her, all the time, from dictating behavior in her kitchen to coming down hard on her daughter for one mistake (underage drinking). It all stems from a place of wanting what is best for everyone, and community togetherness, but she also worries often that she comes across as too hard on other people. She wishes aloud that she could reclaim the girl who ‘had fun’ in her youth, was irresponsible, and not angry all the time. She frets about what people think about her and see in her. But she can be hypocritical at times, in not thinking things through and seeing her own inconsistencies. She is an amazing cook. It’s her “one thing” that she loves the most, and she has built an entire industry and career around it, running a restaurant and opening up food distribution in their new spa. Dana is an expert in martinis and other alcoholic drinks, and is responsible for feeding up her friends well on their weekly “tell all” meetings. The past also is important to her. Her previous failed marriage has kept her from dating again, out of an assumption it won’t go well, yet she misses the “flirtations and first kisses.” She has a fondness for certain models of cars like the ones she rebuilt with her dad in their garage. She has made the little town her home, even though she “wandered” for a time. While smart in the kitchen, Dana can be a little short-sighted at home. She doesn’t know what happens at school until she hears about it from kids other than her daughter, and then she grounds her until further notice. Dana has a negative apprehension about the future at times, but also is more of a dreamer than Maddie, and far more enthusiastic about pursuing new possibilities.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Dana … sees everything as a power struggle and a fight, from when she catches someone cooking in her kitchen after hours and fires him for that and stealing whiskey, to her attempts to control her daughter. She often comes on too strong or abrasive, as she puts people in their place, chastises her lower cooks, and fiercely holds her own against all adversaries. She admits that when younger, she had no problem following her sexual impulses and was a “wild child,” but she does not want her daughter to make the same mistakes. Dana can leap into action to defend people (“What did your ex take? Because I will go down there and get it back for you!”) but also finds it hard to be tender and sincere with her daughter. She loves her very much, but doesn’t know how to show it, and becomes angry if her daughter doesn’t want to open up emotionally to her, because she feels intimidated. Her 9 wing takes enjoyment in predictability, in maintaining a stable kitchen, and in taking pleasure and enjoyment out of good food. She also will diffuse conflict at times and hope she hasn’t come on too strong.