Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

As the healthiest member of the group, Helen has a strong and competent Te—she uses factual arguments and approaches to get what she wants, rather than emotional persuasions. When someone doesn’t show up to survey their property before their grand opening at five o’clock like he promised, Helen calls his boss. When someone slaps Dana Sue with a wrongful termination suit, Helen rebounds with the facts of the situation and offers to not press charges that could get him thrown into jail if he will drop the suit. A competent lawyer, she recalls and uses case-law all the time. She is an effective attorney, who uses her smarts to figure out where a pair of orphaned kids belongs. (She asks the prospective parents questions to filter out who is lying.) Helen is able to teach an entire group of students how to prepare for a mock trial, and notices which kids have the best arguments. She uses logical reasoning to convince one girl’s dad to let her attend this before-school function (it will look good on her college application). Her Fi is dedicated to justice, maintaining and uplifting the town, and doing good in the community, and she does so without hesitation. Helen has deep emotions but is willing to share them with her friends, and she is quick to apologize if she hurts her loved ones. She is down to earth, practical, and has a good eye for opportunities. Helen handles all the tedious details of starting a new business and making sure it’s all done by the deadline, mostly by herself. She juggles a dozen responsibilities at all times, efficiently, because she’s able to devote time and attention to all of them even with a busy schedule. When her ex comes back into town, she quickly falls back into their “on and off” relationship… but Helen assumes he has changed, that he will want kids and a home and to stay put, which is what she wants for him. When she realizes that’s not what he wants at all, she breaks up with him. Helen is involved in all the community events. She is a small dreamer, in the sense that she has “so many ideas about how we can improve this town going forward,” but doesn’t waste much time on profitless speculation.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Helen keeps her cool at all times, in intense situations, and quickly senses what others want and need from her, and becomes that. Rather than have an argument with a belligerent father, she adopts a more persuasive and self-deprecating tone (“I’m sorry, you didn’t know about this… this is my fault… I’m new at this job…”) and convinces him to allow his daughter to attend a mock trial. She tends toward workaholic behaviors, often taking on too much out of a sense of pride, self-confidence, and achievement—and she manages to handle it all. Helen’s 2 wing is active in the community; she looks for ways to help out underprivileged kids, she singles out children who need attention for positive encouragement, she keeps her frige stocked with her god-daughter’s favorite brand of ice cream in case she needs a pick-me-up, and she offers to help out whenever possible. Under stress, however, she starts to wallow as she falls into 9 disintegration—losing all interest in doing anything but drinking in her sweats.