Maddie played by all the rules, and expected her life to work out. She was the loving wife and mother, heavily involved in her community, and a first-rate businesswoman … so why did her husband up and leave her for a newer model? For awhile, Maddie doesn’t know what to do with her life, and is reluctant to embrace bold change, but her friends pull her into it. Once behind the desk at their new spa, Maddie takes on an active role as their secretary and scheduler, keeping track of everything and everyone all the time, while juggling being a single mom. She tends to judge things based on the past, and her own experiences, and is not good at reading between the lines with her kids—she assumes her son is down because his dad’s girlfriend has left town, since she has not noticed his obvious crush on someone. She worries that she won’t be able to perform sexually with someone new, since she’s only had her husband for sixteen years, and it takes her friends to reassure her that “or it might be great.” She is forever dropping everything to be there for her kids. She doesn’t mind “pouring it out” (talking about her feelings about whatever is going on in her life) with her friends once a week. Nor being up-front about how she is feeling, whenever her ex-husband crosses a line. Maddie processes her emotions as things happen and is able to work through them verbally and quickly, but she also tries to hold it together for other people and defers a lot to their wishes. She tells her son that he “needn’t spare my feelings” when expressing sadness about his ex-future-stepmother leaving town. Maddie talks about her insecurities as a wife and mother with her friends. She cries over her divorce with a trusted friend at the spa. When her husband’s girlfriend shows up to their opening event, though shocked, Maddie treats her with kindness and politeness, and asks her to take home a gift bag. Sometimes, she admits that she cannot work past something until she “knows why it happened.”

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Maddie is compassionate and gentle, generous with her time and attention, and often giving even when she does not feel like it. She does what she can to support her friends and be there for them emotionally, but also support them and push them to better themselves. She quickly, after her ex moves out, pursues a new relationship, but also feels like hiding it, because she fears the scrutiny and judgment of the town. She also has to run their “updated status” past her son, before she can agree to a public date. She seems to be striving for love and protection from others, right down to calling her new prospective boyfriend over to fix the sink. Her 1 wing is hard-working and often represses its anger; she is polite and kind and even generous to a woman she dislikes. But on occasion, her husband feels the full wrath of her severe condemnation, as she berates him for being totally self-centered.