Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Celia is the most fashion-forward woman in town, and enjoys being fully present in whatever she is doing, whether that is shaking chicken in a sack for the first time or sauntering through a charity ball in a skin-tight dress. She got involved with Hilly’s ex-boyfriend, got knocked up, and got married right away. She likes to be on the cusp of new and exciting things, showing the natural aptitude Se-doms have for “keeping up with the times” or even predicting coming trends; she very much wants to change up the house and put in new, glamorous furnishings. Celia shows very little Ni. She fails to understand why Hilly is cutting her out of social circle until Minny explains it. She is a sweet, compassionate, fun-loving girl, easily hurt… but who suffers from a Fi tendency to be oblivious in how to adapt to the outside world or learn to fit in with the other girls. Celia wears what she likes to the party, rather than finding out what everyone else is wearing and wearing that, for example. She is loud, energetic, and sometimes blunt, but also deeply sensitive about her inability to carry a child to term. She tearfully confides in Minny that she’s afraid her husband might leave her, since he wants children, and that she’s miscarried. Celia can be tert-Te blunt under pressure, screaming at Minny to leave her alone in the bathroom, etc. Celia has the common sense to hire a maid, since she can’t take care of the cooking herself.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Celia is a good example of a sexual 2 — she takes great care in presenting herself to her husband (and in general) as sexy, desirable, and competent, but in reality is insecure and seeking love through gaining their approval. She hires Minnie to help her keep up a facade of being a perfect housewife and doesn’t want to tell the truth about it (so that her husband will be impressed by her cooking and clean house and love her more!). She can also be playful and immature, and isn’t sure why the other ladies hate her as much as they do. When she learns it’s because Hilly thought she seduced her then-boyfriend, Celia attempts to buy her favor by wanting to do things for the group, apologizing to her in public (while drunk) and generally putting on a sweet playfulness (sp2 tactic) to get others to warm up to her. Her gentle helplessness causes Minnie to become fond of her and help her, even though she would rather not. Her 3 wing cares about appearances and wants to look good, and is willing to take credit for things she didn’t do.