Bart is opportunistic. He will take any job, provided it offers him enough financial incentive. He’s good at using the environment in a fight. He is a spiffy dresser who doesn’t like to get his silk shirts dirty, and a good gunman, though he prefers not to shoot people. When someone steals twelve thousand bucks off him, dumps him on a ship, and sends him to New Orleans, Bart finds a beautiful woman, hears her back story as displaced French aristocrats, and proposes they travel to California together, where he can profit off their sudden popularity – in exchange, he promises to find her and her companion rich husbands. When pulled into a kidnapping ring, he calmly and on the spot comes up with and enacts a plan that involves purchasing gunpowder, bluffing his adversaries, evading the police, and getting his brother out of trouble. When deciding whether to take the risk of spending twenty thousand dollars on purchasing a ship unseen, Bart analyzes it from several perspectives and makes the investment. He also ‘cons’ a man into signing a statement, but makes it a fair deal regardless. When a woman falls in love with him, since she hired him to act as her protector, Bart tells her she ought not to, that’s a foolish thing to do, but doesn’t realize how much emotions he has wrapped into her until it’s too late (he goes to propose to her, and finds she has accepted someone else). When held under house arrest and tied up, he uses Fe to persuade a woman into thinking he will run away with her instead of the man who is holding him, if she will just release him. In a rare moral stand, Bart dumps tons of opium overboard on his ship, which he found smuggled in the floorboards, which leads the entire crew to mutiny against him. He often has a sense that more is going on than meets the eye, and digs around until he finds it, but is skeptical of anything that looks “too good” to be true.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Bart does not want to be tied down… even to a beautiful aristocrat! He has the life of a traveling gambler, here today and gone tomorrow. He avoids romantic entanglements, getting too involved in other people’s business, and any fight that looks like it might get him killed, and has no problem finishing a job and walking away from it. He’d much rather have a good time than do serious work, and is a serious ‘high roller’ professional gambler. But he also has a shrewd sp 7ish eye for a good deal, is opportunistic, and looks after himself. His 8 wing comes out, on occasion, when someone crosses him. Bart will go out of his way to ‘get even.’ He can be cold, even calculating, and more detached than Bret in how he gets revenge.