Bret has an eye for opportunity and a keen sense of external awareness; in his professional role as a gambler, he notices when others are hiding cards, cheating, or intending to “draw” on him. He takes risky chances to turn a profit, including misleading townsfolk, pulling off a bank robbery (for a higher cause), digging himself out of jail after switching out the gold bars buried under it for sand, rallying people around a corrupt mine baron, and shooting out of a moving stagecoach to protect their precious cargo. He can be somewhat impulsive and impetuous, talking his brother into co-purchasing a ship sight unseen, out of a sense that “someone else wants it… why?” He often has a sense that more is going on than meets the eye, and digs around until he finds it, but is skeptical of anything that looks “too good” to be true. But he has little concern about his future or interest in settling down; he lives moment to moment, big haul to next problem, and is somewhat of a poor judge of female character—Bret is often sucked into making emotional decisions by beautiful women.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Like his brother, Bret has avoided any kind of commitment or job that might force him to stay in one place. He happily roams around in the world, gambling and occasionally “cheating the cheater” by outsmarting them, but resents it whenever life forces him into doing anything he doesn’t want to do – like being in the military or taking over as the sheriff of a town. He tries to worm his way out of responsibilities, doesn’t like to get too attached to people, and doesn’t ever have a girlfriend who is long term (she might expect marriage and for him to settle down). Bart also avoids getting into anything that might get him killed. He is softer and more passive than his brother, choosing to admit he’s’ a coward rather than fight with anyone. He just wants to be left alone to do his own thing, rather than relied upon, although he does often attach himself to nice people along the way, cohabit peacefully with them, and work with them for the greater good. But Bret is completely honest about his desire to avoid fights that might get him killed, and is cheerfully funny about it, too.