Aramis best sums up his personality in the woods, when at first he’s entertained by the birds and scenery but after four days is going insane with boredom. He loves to be in the thick of action, and is often good at causing trouble, getting himself and his friends out of it, improvising using whatever he has on hand, and acting in the moment. Unfortunately, that often includes doing things because he feels like it that could get him killed or executed for high treason – such as sleeping with the queen on a whim. He has occasional poignant flashes of insight, where he “knows” who did something or for what reason, but these moments are few and far between, buried under his desire to act. Aramis gives no thought to the future consequences of his affair with Anne, what it means to the throne, what might happen to himself and his friends down the line, or what a bastard child from another bloodline might do to the monarchy, in terms of threatening France’s stability (inferior Ni). He glances a situation over, reaches an inner conclusion about it, and then acts on what he feels is the most logical solution, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. He leaves the planning to his friends, preferring instead to improvise as he goes. Aramis is detached, with a good sense of comedic timing, sometimes framed of sarcasm. He doesn’t seem too bothered by death, or the things he’s forced to do as a musketeer. Yet, mass injustice bothers him. The plight of the people calls to him. He becomes easily engaged by women’s emotions and cares about them, offering them emotional support, encouragement, and flirting with them given half an opportunity. Aramis is generally well liked and tries to joke around to diffuse the tension; he’s a cheerful, extroverted musketeer, who occasionally thinks in terms of morals, but prefers to share his feelings instead.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Aramis flits from one interesting new experience to another, continually seeking whatever catches his eye – from beautiful women to easy money. He doesn’t notice or mind the consequences, or the broken hearts left in his wake, because he’s already on to the next new thing. He can be aggressive and occasionally idealistic – a romantic at heart, who wants to believe the best of himself and others, but he does not soul-search. Rather, he uses charm to get ahead in life – appealing to powerful women to gain patrons, dressing well and priding himself on his appearance, and living on the wild side, never afraid to defend himself. Whenever he’s angry or upset, he can lecture others on their morals while being unaware of his own flaws (moving to unhealthy 1). His 8 is aggressive, hedonistic, and not-careful. His games with the Cardinal wind up hurting others.