Constance is forthcoming with her emotions and opinions, asserting how she feels about things right away (her attraction to d’Artangan, feeling bound to her husband, her concerns for the queen’s safety, her beliefs whenever she feels they’re falling into a trap, etc). For fear of social reproach, she dresses in black to mourn a man she doesn’t love, and refrains from being seen kissing d’Artangan in public, until the queen’s encouragement to live her feelings with more freedom encourages her to cast aside public opinion and act. She’s prone to self-analyzing her emotions and doing “the logical thing” when necessary, which brings her much unhappiness for awhile as she denies herself true love. Constance doesn’t always act in her own best interest, however; she takes chances, based on feelings, which almost get her killed, out of duty, devotion, or a desire to understand. She compares the past and present often, trusting her own experiences, insights, and beliefs to guide her forward, with some respect for the former institutions that govern society even when she doesn’t feel like adhering to them. Constance is less inclined to leap into the unknown than d’Artangan, quite content to live a comfortable life in the queen’s service. She does want to learn new things, however, including how to defend herself. She often knows something is going on, but doesn’t have a specific idea of what that might be; she picks up on the queen’s affair with one of the Musketeers, and has a general open-mindedness toward it. Constance often urges the others to be more careful, certain something more is going on than is obvious.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Almost as soon as d’Artangan comes into her life, Constance finds herself helping him… again and again and again. Allowing him to kiss her as cover (with an explanation), inviting him into her home and tending his needs, offering to assist the Musketeers in finding the man who murdered his father, by pretending to be a prostitute… acting as a fake “nursemaid” when they need her to, etc. She helps constantly, and not always sure of why she’s doing it, but also slams them all with a heavy dose of 1 opinions on their moral behaviors, chastising them for leaving d’Artangan to get arrested, telling them to stop fighting among themselves, etc. Her disintegration into 8 can be assertive and aggressive; she slaps people who offend her, she has no trouble standing up for herself, and she’s not afraid of authority.