d’Artangan lives in this moment, for this moment; he’ll worry about the next one later. He leaps into action and onto opportunities without hesitation, which is useful in saving his friends but sometimes problematic when he acts without thinking of the consequences. His affair with Lady DeWinter causes later problems with Athos. He loves Constance, but when she refuses to go against social behaviors to be with him, he moves on to different love affairs. There’s only ever one way, in d’Artangan’s mind. He MUST be a musketeer. No second options. He has occasional flashes of insight into people’s motives, but prefers to engage with what he can see, feel, hear, and act upon (inferior Ni). “These are your people, you should take care of them,” he tells Athos, when confronted with misery, poverty, and starvation on Athos’ abandoned lands. But d’Artangan also doesn’t morally lecture people; he lets them make their own decisions, whether or not he agrees with them. He tends to make emotional connections to others, on a deeper level than Aramis, and allows his heart to guide his decisions – if he believes in a cause strongly enough, nothing deters him from it. He’s willing to live with, and ignore, social disapproval for an adulterous affair. He can come up with and execute plans, and feels more confident in intense situations when he has an idea of where they’re going and how they’ll accomplish their goal. D’Artangan sets goals for himself, and doesn’t waver from them – he wants to become a musketeer, and pursues that with solitary ambition until the crown commissions him.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

d’Artangan is adventurous and risk-taking, pursuing new passions and interests to distract himself from settling down or committing too much to one thing; he’s drawn to the Musketeers because it promises a life of adventure and risk, excitement and kinship. He can be hard-nosed and judgmental under stress, wanting to punish others for their misdeeds and sins (moving to unhealthy 1), but also using 8 aggression to stand up for himself. He’s not afraid to express his emotions, and defends his honor and ego whenever others challenge it. He charges headfirst into most situations without thinking them through and isn’t afraid to take what he wants (his 8 wing). He spends a lot of time picking fights with the Musketeers, until he becomes one of them.