Rochefort’s motivations are all about… himself. His wants. His needs. His intentions. His love for Anne and his rage when he finds out she is neither aware of his feelings nor reciprocates them. He builds a fantasy around his idealized outcome (her being in love with and reliant on him) and sets out to make it happen, but is often distant, quiet, and sneaky about it, refusing to show his feelings easily but lashing out into violence and aggression through his inferior Te whenever thwarted. He has a black and white notion of if she cannot be with me, nobody should have her, that causes him to attempt to take her life when his plan fails. Rochefort is so caught up in his self-delusions, he cannot understand something as simple as love. He can be ruthless under pressure, using others mercilessly to get what he wants. He reacts to things in the moment, often needing little planning in order to improvise, noticing small details about others and their actions and using them to his advantage. Rochefort exercises his physical cravings by hiring prostitutes to engage in theatrical playacting, pretending to be the queen. He’s physically aggressive, often choosing to strangle people who displease him, or swordfight them himself. It takes a monumental joint effort from the Musketeers to kill him, because he never gives up. His internal vision of being with Anne, defeating all their enemies, controlling the king, and bringing down France drives him forward, sometimes to the exclusion of all common sense. Rochefort senses things about other people, truths they want to keep hidden, and exploits them where he can, but at the same time permits his delusions to prevent him from seeing the truth about himself and the queen. He says he learned patience in prison, but is often impulsive. Athos remarks that all of Rochefort’s ideas are so far advanced, they can’t keep up with them.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Rochefort is a deeply unhealthy individual and hard to type due to him being a sociopath, but he seems driven by his emotions, he wants payback for his good deeds, and he’s obsessed with Queen Anne and earning her affection. He goes so far as to pay prostitutes to pretend to be her, and flatter and worship him. He is charming, manipulative, and an excellent actor, showing people whatever they want or need to see, in order to get what he wants – and under pressure, he flies into 8 disintegrative rages. He stops being charming and “kind,” and becomes controlling, abusive, and sexually aggressive toward the woman he wants to control. He even tries to leverage her adulterous secret against her, to his advantage. His 3 wing is adaptive, ruthless, and has delusions of grandeur. Rochefort can be detached from his own feelings, driven to impress others, and calculating in his intentions.