Milady is opportunistic and risk-taking, willing to knife someone and steal their dress, or cut their hand, the blade dipped in poison, with musketeers running around. The cardinal (and others) turn to her when they want something done. DeWinter uses her body, sex, and physical pleasures to get places in life… and because she enjoys it. She uses sex as a useful tool to seduce King Louis and make him her protector, so she can continue working behind the scenes against the musketeers. She’s sometimes too impulsive and risk taking, which places the cardinal under peril when one of her assassination schemes goes wrong. She’s an effective schemer on her own, with her own brand of logic and expectations about people. DeWinter is detached and even cold toward other people, heartlessly setting them up to take the blame for her crimes because it’s the logical thing to do. Her tendency to take situations at face value (Se) means she doesn’t analyze situations deeply enough, so the musketeers can convince her d’Artagnan turned against his friends in her favor. DeWinter is confident in any social situation that she can turn things to her advantage, using emotional appeals, seduction techniques, and her understanding of other people’s needs, wishes, and desires. She tries even to use these tactics with the cardinal, to no avail. She can usually get herself out of a bind by convincing a man she’s in love with him, and using him to act as her defender, when she’s hardly defenseless herself. She becomes whatever anyone else needs her to be, or she senses that they want, in order to achieve her objectives. “d’Artangan is the key,” she tells the cardinal, in destroying the musketeers, but she fails to read between the lines of what others say, and doesn’t always have a backup plan. She doesn’t share these ideas easily. DeWinter quickly lets go of the past and moves forward, telling her husband that there’s nothing between them anymore.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sx/sp

Milady tries to act like an 8, but she is visibly afraid of the Cardinal’s rage and even hides from him – seeing him as her protector, her authority figure, but also her potential persecutor. She obeys him without question when given orders, and fears his chastisement whenever she makes a dangerous mistake. As a sexual 6, she relies on her charm, seductive talents, and beauty to win her friends, allies, and lovers, some of whom she convinces to help her whenever she falls into need (she seduces her own hangman and fakes her death), and others she uses to take the fall for her own crimes. But she is always looking for a connection, an alliance, a protector, somewhere to “belong.” Her 7 wing is outgoing, power-seeking, and advantageous; she has a fierce streak of escapism, running away from anything too difficult, too painful, and even setting fire to Athos’ home to destroy her own past.