Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Louis loves to live in the moment, pursuing new inventions and progress with enthusiasm, indulging himself in the finest music, clothes, and experiences life has to offer. Louis likes to play more than run his kingdom, so he permits his Lord Chancellor to handle daily problems and plan for the future. He’s a fun-loving, trusting man, who reads and responds to situations based on what he sees. Though Louis does think about and want a better future for France and his son, he finds it difficult to sense when others are misleading or manipulating him. He becomes dependent on the cardinal, trusting him to make his visions for France a reality (such as ridding them of the Court of Miracles) and then his replacement, for making futuristic plans, but under stress becomes pessimistic, certain of impending singular doom. Louis has two sides to his personality – one is a deeply compassionate, sensitive soul, who cares very much about his wife and child, and the other is a self-absorbed king, who flaunts his mistress in his wife’s face, and isn’t afraid to pass judgment on others, or sign their execution papers. He’s emotional, but doesn’t tend to talk about his feelings much. He knows his authority as a monarch and isn’t afraid to use it, easily issuing orders and laying down the law. Louis tends to act on his feelings, and doesn’t backtrack on his orders. He cares about the financial bottom line, and the success of France; he participates in negotiating marital alliances, and sometimes can be distant and callous, such as when he wishes aloud Anne were dead, because of her barrenness, not realizing the cardinal will “make it happen.” Louis is terrified to run his own kingdom or trust his own abilities with logic – he’s driven to despair at the thought of losing the cardinal, whom he relies on to run the country.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Louis entertains himself by keeping busy doing everything but ruling his kingdom, which he leaves in the Cardinal’s capable hands. He entertains, he hunts, he dines, he eats, he womanizes, he avoids talking about or thinking about anything unpleasant, and he doesn’t want to know the nefarious methods his cardinal uses to get him a new fleet of ships or another new pleasurable pursuit. His 6 wing has a codependent relationship with the Cardinal — he does not think he can rule by himself, so he over-relies on him to make all the major decisions, make things happen, and keep him safe. In so doing, Louis is never quite sure what decisions to make, when it comes to the serious ones, and will turn emotionally reactive — flouncing away, throwing tantrums, or crying. His fondness for his mother despite her treason allowed her to keep her head long enough to make a second attempt on his life. When the Cardinal’s treason is revealed, Queen Anne allows him to live because “my husband needs you.”