Anne endures her husband’s affairs with quiet dignity, confessing to her handmaiden only that she’s worried about her future, and grateful their son protects her position. Anne is sensitive and compassionate, but also acts on her emotions and feelings, without regard for others’ interpretations of them. She loves Aramis, so she conducts a secret affair with him, knowing it could lead to both their executions. It feels right, so she trusts it. Once in awhile, Anne puts her foot down and gives orders; she can be harsh in passing judgment, based on what she believes is right. She can back up her decisions with logic when it comes to state matters (I should negotiate on the king’s behalf with this woman for peace, since my husband is too busy and preoccupied with his mistress to do his duty to France). She’s a little too idealistic at times, since she believes the best in everyone; she permits the cardinal to live after his attempt to murder her on the king’s whim, trusting she can use him at some point in the future; she tries to reason with a prophetess who hates the Spanish, despite being one, assuming the woman is kind and good enough to want to avoid bloodshed; she ventures out into dangerous places, without much thought for her safety, or the real-world concerns of her surroundings, under the assumption it will work out just fine. Anne shows some futuristic thinking, when it comes to her son’s future. She takes some enjoyment in routine, and takes an annual sabbatical in the woods to refresh her spirit – it lasts long enough Aramis gets bored. Anne bases her view of others on her personal experiences with them. She accepts some of the traditional ways society works, including the king having mistresses, finding her own situation precarious until she has a son; but she also discards the idea of bloodlines, since she has no concern for the prince not carrying Louis’ blood.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Anne is a model queen until her affair – modest, virtuous, and makes no trouble. She ignores her husband’s painful infidelities and is a gentle but firm influence for good at court. She’s the ultimate peacemaker. Anne wants to do no harm, but to contribute to society. She has great grace and composure, and rarely appears upset or concerned. She’s passively tolerant of her bad marriage. She often wants to do the right thing, to reach out to others, to be seen as a loving and generous queen; she is helpful to her husband in whatever way she can be, and doesn’t know how to ask to have her own needs fulfilled. When Aramis shows her affection, she tries to please him in return – and falls in love. Anne can be optimistic and naïve, in true 9-core fashion. She relies on others under stress to protect her, and to serve France – choosing to preserve the cardinal’s life despite his betrayal, for the greater security of her husband and the nation at large (moving to 6 trust/distrust of authority, and seeking external security).