Hickey is an extremely rational man. He reasons that how you get things done is by making yourself useful to the officers, so he finds small ways to ensure they notice him, and takes pride in having them offer him a drink (like when he makes sure the captain sees him picking up dog poop, as a “responsible” person even if it’s not “his job” to do it). Later on, his rationality horrifies some of the other people on the expedition – he reasons that if they want to survive, they need meat… and the dead are full of preserved, frozen meat. This sends him on a murderous rampage, to ensure he has enough meat to eat, but it’s not just enough to do it himself, he has to recruit others to his cause, make it about the “group’s survival,” a special small contingent of men who are superior and will benefit from this secret sharing of food. Hickey can be manipulative and cruel; he punishes his lover for humiliating him (blaming him for “seducing him”) by defecating on his mattress. He also uses his ability to mirror feelings to win people over and gain their sympathy; he cares very much how others see him. He is opportunistic, looking for what the officers and others need, and giving it to them; taking risks that could and sometimes do earn him punishment. He sneers at his lovers’ fear of being exposed, because he feels he has the situation all in hand and can shift the officers’ opinions toward him if necessary, by being so “useful.” Hickey is the first man to step forward with action-driven decisions, he’s also the most willing to throw himself into survival situations. He adapts as necessary. One example is when he impulsively murders two companions, to set the camp against the natives, knowing he can immediately benefit by recruiting men to his side, separating from the main group, and creating a survival group. His Ni tells him that they need to start thinking about the future, and preparing to meet it, but sometimes he miscalculates in who he tries to bring into his fold.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

As an unhealthy 3, Hickey is all about ambition and his pride. He finds certain tasks beneath him, he likes to brag about having a drink with the captain, and he finds ways to survive in extreme circumstances, even if that means eating another member of their party. He is a survivalist who puts aside his emotions to get things done (aided by the fact that he’s a sociopath). He wants to build a sense of identity through his ambitions and accomplishments and eagerly steps into a leadership position when he sees an opportunity to take it. His 4 wing is vindictive and involved in payback for those who have wronged him, for those who do not appreciate him, for those who spurn him. He can be egocentric and self-absorbed, emotionally intuitive and manipulative. He knows what to say to make others feel terrible. When spurned, Hickey can turn vindictive, spiteful, and melodramatic, choosing childish ways to show his anger.