Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Francis is a world-weary traveler with hundreds of thousands of miles of experience beneath his belt, which causes him to greet their sailing into an ice-pack with skepticism. He is continually far more realistic about their odds of survival than his superior officer, cautioning them against any action which might cause the ships to get stuck and freeze for the winter. Rational and forward-thinking, Francis is a capable leader who easily organizes others to accomplish tasks. He assigns work where necessary and expects his fellow shipmen to abide by their rank. He also respects it, even when he disagrees with the leaderships’ decisions. He knows it is stupid to keep sailing north, and proposes they backtrack. Then, he knows they should abandon ship to save their lives, although his captain refuses. Though a man who cares about the woman he loves deeply, Francis never talks about her. He shows her his affections through generous actions and devotion. Though cautious, Francis advocates for leaving the ship and trying to find land. He is also suspicious of Hickey’s motivations and behaviors, and treats him strongly in an effort to keep him under control. Francis thinks about the future in a cautious, concerned way and has very little interest in theories for their own sake; although he is accurate in his perceptions of other people.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

A highly rational man, Francis always wants to think about something before he takes action. He does not care to take unnecessary risks, but also knows that unless they venture out onto the ice in an attempt to find land and other people, they will all either freeze to death, die of starvation, or be killed by the “creature” that is hunting them. Under pressure, he leaps into consistent action (disintegrating into 3), wavering between optimism and pessimism, because he cannot escape the facts and realities of their terrible situation. His 5 wing is withdrawn, introverted, and private. Many of the crew find him hard to reach and unemotional, although he does possess a 6ish sense of humor.