Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

The Evil Queen has spent decades coming up with the perfect plan to rule the 9 Kingdoms, and becomes very angry when the Troll King’s shenanigans of invading the 4th Kingdom threatens her “master plan.” She has taken it upon herself to “finish” what Snow White’s stepmother started, but her ultimate ambition is power over entire nations, rather than simply avenging the woman’s cruel punishment. Her ex-husband remarks on how callous, distant, and cold she could be in her former life, disinterested in raising their daughter or in staying in one place. Her inferior Fi shows in temperamental outbursts, where she strikes out at others who provoke her wrath, and expresses her feelings cruelly, without censorship (“you should have been killed at birth!”). Only in the end does she recognize her mistake, and admit that she “gave away” her soul in exchange for power. She has a very specific futuristic goal of improvement, which includes killing the leadership of all 9 Kingdoms when they gather to celebrate Prince Wendall’s coronation. This plan included the somewhat strange, but ultimately do-able, exchange of Wendall and her dog into changing bodies. She becomes incensed if anyone intrudes upon her master design, and does everything in her power to get it back on track, including recruiting Wolf to do her dirty work in the kitchens, arriving hours early to her designated meeting space to poison the apples, using Relish’s head to convince the locals of Wendall’s leadership material, and recruiting the Huntsman to bring her the dog and his companions. There are hints to her numerous sexual affairs and over-indulgences, her love of money and beautiful things (out of control low Se). She will do things hands-on, if necessary (attempting to drown her daughter, wandering into the 9 Kingdoms, and cutting off the troll’s head herself).

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

The Queen is all about power dynamics and control. She calmly asserts herself but often the mask of politeness slips and we see her true self – angry, dominating, and determined to have whatever she wants, at whatever cost it requires. She shows a severe lack of a connection to her own feelings and a disdain for those who allow their emotions to get the better of them (the 8’s fear of vulnerability and powerlessness). She was sexually aggressive and indulgent in her youth, conducting numerous affairs and not bothering to hide it from her husband. Her 7 wing felt trapped into motherhood, and tried to lash out and free herself of that “burden.” She bought beautiful things, went on expensive trips, and otherwise ran away from her feelings and hardships as a human in the 10th Kingdom. Toward the end of the story, she finally sees her mistake and repents, showing an ability to embrace moving into 2 integration and expressing her emotional side.