Functional Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Tony made and lost his fortune on “bouncing castles.” He is quick to leap on ideas and pursue them with reckless abandon – sticking his finger in the magic fish, using the wishing well to turn Prince back into a dog, assuming he can win every game he plays, entertaining the gypsies, and showing delight in staying in the Kingdoms and having a new life full of endless possibilities. His inferior Si shows in his poor memory for the past (“You mean that time in Vegas when we lost the car?” Virginia scowls) and his over-estimating how ‘good’ he is at everything – he has very low sensory awareness and can be naïve. He spends much of the movie complaining about everything, but he really is not good at tuning in to other people, reading their emotions, or knowing how to comfort them – when his daughter breaks down in tears over her mother, he stands awkwardly and recounts some events from their past. This is a Fe-loop, because he feels under-appreciated and disrespected; but he’s also able to come up with logical solutions quickly (though Ne makes them a bit unrealistic at times) and he trusts himself to problem-solve.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Tony is a dreamer at heart who is eager to leap on any opportunity that arises — he falls for a get-rich-quick-scheme when it’s presented in the form of a magic bean, then breaks the glass to get at the fish that can make your finger a gold-producing touch. Unlike Virginia, Tony ops to stay in the 9 Kingdoms in an esteemed position and take his chances at building Bouncing Castles and other attractions, because it holds so much more fascination for him than his lousy Central Park-adjacent apartment. He is optimistic and opportunistic, but also cautious and fearful as an afterthought — his 6 wing manifesting itself in his frustration with how nothing in the Kingdoms is “safe,” his anxiety about dealing with the unknown and the gypsies, and his pessimism under stress about how his back is broken and he’ll just lay there in the cave and die. He doesn’t like Virginia storming out on him and leaving him alone to fend for himself.