Wolf reacts to everything in real time, without much thought for the future – leaping on opportunities as they arise; he gives his will to the queen and acts for her to get out of prison, he shuts off the mirror, he proves capable in trying to protect the others from the Huntsman in the forest, he wins the Jackpot and spends all the money on a lavish meal so Victoria will fall in love with and stay with him, he rescues them in the swamp, and turns on the queen by cooking up a particular meal full of secret ingredients. Wolf has keen insights into Virginia’s personality and motivations — he implies she is repressing things (she denies it, but it’s true), that she is fearful of allowing herself to be vulnerable (he says in so doing, she will never open herself up to love). He is highly perceptive, and points out everything Virginia missed in the woods, showing her that she is not observant or aware of the prospects in her sensory environment. None of his decisions show long-term thinking or planning, which almost ruins his romantic prospects (inferior Ni). Wolf can be blunt and self-absorbed when expressing the facts as he sees them (insulting Tony about losing his hair, admitting his intentions are ‘not honorable at all,’ inferring that he wishes the Huntsman had taken Tony instead of Virginia, etc). He blames other people for his own choices and mistakes (both his parents were ravenous and enormous; he can’t help his huge appetite or his lack of self-control). Wolf easily shares how he feels about everything, whether that involves tasty rabbits or his enduring love for Virginia, which is not thwarted even when she tells him to get lost. He decides he is going to change for her sake, so that she will learn to love him. Wolf can be creative in how he gets things done, but he always has an end result in mind. He tricks Tony into revealing Virginia’s whereabouts with a magic bean; he agrees to sell himself to the Queen to leave prison; he cons his way into Virginia’s grandmother’s house by pretending to be her betrothed. Wolf figures out things as he goes, and is willing to use any tactic to get what he wants, often employing charm, beguile, woo, and flirt (often, though, Virginia ignores it).

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/sp

Wolf is a typical self-serving 7 in that he has a voracious appetite for life and wants to miss out on nothing. Until he meets Virginia, he has lived a life of total hedonism and giving into all his baser instincts, from seducing shepherdesses to eating their flock. This is a product of his aggressive, pleasure-seeking and domineering 8 wing, which loves to challenge, provoke, and otherwise stir things up in his sensory environment. His 7 does not want to face his deeper emotional issues, and wants a quick fix for the therapist. He engages in limited self-improvement in order to appeal to Virginia, but his instincts are to run away from anything difficult rather than stick around and tough it out. Wolf wavers between optimism (his 7) and pragmatism (the realism of his tough-talking 8). Under pressure, he also shifts into angrier, more aggressive, and assertive 8 wing tactics and tries to scare people.