Caesar has managed quite well under the Capital’s rules, managing to establish a successful talk show and become famous as the man who interviews the Hunger Games candidates before they go off to die. He is flamboyant, sensory-aware, and flashy, changing his appearance to reflect the current styles and set trends. He runs with whatever appeals to his audience and gets his interviewees to talk about their lives so that the audience can get to know them and support them. But he seems to have no personal vision, no great idea about what he wants to see happen in the future, and no sense of the broader, brutal implications of what they are doing. It’s simply that he exists in the moment, finding ways to profit off it and expand his own fame. The moral implications of the games don’t seem to trouble him; Caesar has used them to establish his own career and expand his influence. Though he puts on a persona of a warm and friendly host, whenever he talks about the deaths in the arena, there’s a sense of detachment in his analysis. He uses Fe merely to whip up the crowd into the frenzy and a state of emotional oneness with the various competitors, to pull on their emotions, to coax vibrant personalities out of the competitors, in order to gain them sponsorships, sympathy, and emotional support. He finds Katniss frustrating because she refuses to emote, and cannot share her feelings; instead of try and work with her, Caesar gives up and turns to Peeta’s outburst of emotional warmth and intensity instead, aiming to find and exploit any emotional tactic he can, to keep viewers coming back for more.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Caesar is a natural born showman. He has built up a career and maintains it through sheer charisma, popularity, and instinct. He can turn off and on whatever emotion the situation requires – empathy, kindness, sadness, or detachment. But it’s all for ratings and appearances. He’s a success-driven, image-conscious man, who fits right into the Capital’s shallow obsession with looks, in his crazy hairstyles and colors, his flamboyant attitude toward the press, and in his love of influencing and playing to the crowd. His 2 wing wants to genuinely “help” the tributes gain support, approval, and funding.