Functional Order: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

Plutarch is the insanely creative originator of the Quarter Quell Hunger Games, which is something no one has ever seen before – he divides the arena into the sections of a clock, and programs them with natural disasters. He also successfully plays President Snow, convincing him through his ambitious futuristic plan about how to first demoralize and then destroy Katniss, to hold back on her execution (thus giving them time to launch a master plan to get her out and smuggle her to the Rebellion). She’s shocked to learn that Plutarch was behind that plan, as well as is President Coin’s right-hand-man and visionary. He sees how Katniss is the embodiment of the Mockingjay and how she should maintain that visual, to keep the Rebellion alive. When she assassinates Coin instead of Snow, Plutarch is not surprised, because he “saw that” in her; he knew her morals, and how she would react to the situation. He mostly stays behind-the-scenes and does nothing himself; he’s a planner and thinker, not someone on the front lines with a gun (showing his awareness of his poor sensing skills). Emotional manipulation is one of his strengths. Plutarch saves Katniss’ life early on by pointing out her popularity to Snow, and talking about how they have to destroy her symbol / image before they can kill her, unless they want an uprising. It’s all a delay tactic, of course, to save her life. Later, with Coin, he employs similar tactics, in recognizing Katniss’ unique power to motivate people to her side, through genuine emotions. He urges her to use her experiences to be “real” with people. Plutarch is behind the District’s propaganda materials, designed to bring more people to their side. He also shows a ruthless side to him, since his “brilliant” Quarter Quell Games killed many innocent people, and he also doesn’t seem to care about innocent lives lost in the war, because it’s all in the service of a “greater good.”

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Katniss does not really know who Plutarch is, because he hides himself too well. He completely convinces Snow of his loyalty and that he has intentions other than he has; he is a totally different man around Coin; even Katniss sees several sides to him, and she isn’t sure which is the mask and which is the reality. Plutarch is successfully able to “become” whatever the situation requires, and hide his true intentions, but his 4 wing never “buys” it and remains independent. He takes a little pride in creating such a unique set of Games when it’s his turn to impress the Capital. He’s secretive (sp) but also fighting for something larger than himself (soc).