Effie shows the dual nature of a Fe-dom, for good and bad. For example, she has adopted the moral mindset of the Capital, which says that “because we all think sending innocent people into the arena is okay, it’s okay.” Effie has no moral opinions of her own on the matter, and just thinks it’s sad and unfortunate that Peeta and Katniss must again go into the arena a second time. On the good side, she has a team mindset, and motivates them to act as a group (she even tries to bond them all together by purchasing gold emblems for Haymitch and Peeta, to show “solidarity”). Effie is very concerned with appropriate behavior, and comes to life when she feels needed, after they are forced into hiding. She never questions or spends much time analyzing anything, other than in how to help her Victors succeed—in other words, she only uses her Ti when “necessary.” She is highly focused on her appearance and on superficial things. She models the same behavior as everyone in the Capital, in adopting their appearance (to a flamboyant effect). She feels comfortable and secure, participating in the traditions of the districts and of the Capitol. Effie doesn’t enjoy change or chaos, but instead prefers to plan and prepare for things in advance, and is upset when they play out differently than she anticipated (she is annoyed that Peeta abandons her detailed cards and instead does an impromptu speech). Effie believes the wisdom of past victors can help Peeta and Katniss on their journey to victory. Effie pretends to be less aware of what is truly happening than she actually is; she is more insightful, at times, than Katniss in discerning the true significance of the rebellion and what it means for the future. Katniss is sometimes in awe of her “keen instincts” about people.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

She’s the embodiment of an image-based core; it’s all about appearances, what other people will think, how they perceive her. Effie refuses to even come out of her room in District 13 because she no longer has her wigs to wear! She only emerges to help out Katniss, when they appeal to her on an emotional level and remind her of how much she is “needed.” Effie needs to be loved and appreciated, and works hard to get it. Her 3 wing is always image-conscious and competitive, as well as finds ways to “blend in” at the Capital and elsewhere (her outlandish hair, vivid outfits, and larger than life personality; she’s lucky she found her turban, which was so “in” and is so stylish!).