President Snow is a visionary who successfully manages to manipulate Katniss throughout the Hunger Games and subsequent war. He places her and Peeta together for the second Games, hoping to let them self-destruct, and agrees with Plutarch that they need to “destroy” the “image” of Katniss before they kill her. He captures Peeta and has him conditioned to react violently to her name, hoping he will kill Katniss behind the scenes in the Rebellion. He is not at all surprised when she assassinates President Snow, instead of him (he is seen “laughing”), since he has studied her character. He also sees through her and Peeta’s “love affair” for what it is (fake, and what prompted it, defiance against the Capital). He litters the battlefield with symbolic flowers, to frighten Katniss. Snow almost never shows any inferior Se, other than in his love of gardening and roses. A successful president, Snow has managed to keep the Capital running, instate new laws and punishments, and bring about highly successful Games each year. He delegates and appoints the “smartest people in the industry” and punishes them with death (since they are now useless, having failed) when they disappoint him. But when Katniss becomes a problem, he wants to eliminate her immediately—until Plutarch convinces him that they can use her, and turn the audience against her, that they must dismantle her as a national hero before they bury her, or they will risk making her into a martyr. As an INFJ, Plutarch knows how to impact people’s emotions on a grand scale, something Snow lacks – so he leaves that to him, and focuses on shaking up and threatening Katniss instead. Snow has a deep and abiding love for his granddaughter, but shows very little concern or care for other people’s lives. He is ruthless and self-reliant.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Snow is all about awareness and usage of power dynamics — when he realizes Katniss threatens his rebellion as a symbol of the Mockingjay, he informs her to make him believe in her relationship with Peeta, unless she wants the rest of her family killed. He is ruthless and authoritarian, willing to sacrifice human lives (even those of children) to further the war. Snow threatens and intimidates Katniss, seeing her as weak and preying on her — by dropping white roses all over the battlefield and leaving them in her home. He sneers at others’ attempts to intimidate him and shows no fear even at the hour of his own death. His 9 wing is detached and almost supernaturally calm even when he faces his own execution.