Finnick is highly extroverted, social, and able to win over people easily by being flirtatious, charming, and opportunistic. Katniss marvels at how fast he can read a room and circulate in it, to gain sponsors. In the arena, he is aware of his environment and opportunistic, figuring out how to take out his competition quickly and making a number of successful kills. In the second film, he spends most of his time protecting the other tribute from his area and putting himself physically at risk for her (carrying her on his back, etc), as well as forming a survival alliance with Katniss and a few others. He loves sensory pleasures – good food, beautiful companions – and distracts himself when stressed by physically doing things. He’s great with a trident. Finnick, under stress, becomes more and more fixated on the idea of his beloved partner being tortured and cannot break out of his obsession with this until he can see another “way to be.” He keeps most of his feelings locked up tight. Snow uses him as a male prostitute in the Capital by threatening his loved ones if he does not comply – and Finnick manages to shut down his emotions, “not care” about anyone other than a chosen select few, and deal with it by seeing what benefits he can reap from the experience (using Te to shape alliances, get things, and get ahead in the arena). Finnick has a strong sense of caring toward a handful of people, and it’s their shared sadness and trauma that helps him and Katniss form a quiet Fi-bond. She never pushes him to talk, and he doesn’t want to; he keeps it bottled up, and only expresses his deeper emotions through his actions. He believes in a “trade” system where Katniss teaches him something, and he teaches her something. Objectively, he sees her worth as a Tribute based on “what she can do” (accomplish).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Though Finnick feels enormous disgust at having to prostitute himself, he still manages to pull of being charming, adaptable, and seductive. He can flirt, flatter, and tease, and be whatever they want him to be. He’s proud of being able to collect everyone’s secrets while sharing none of his own, and able to shut off part of his emotions and focus on “selling” what President Snow wants him to sell. He is easily able to win over sponsors, has an adaptable image style (shape-shifting to fit others’ expectations of him), and is highly successful as a Tribute – extremely well liked, popular, and memorable. His 2 wing focuses specifically on a few individuals whom he wants to help, seduce, or please. Under stress, after a trauma, Finnick falls into 9 disintegration – he becomes apathetic, disinterested, and no longer cares for his appearance or presentation.