Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Gale orients his life toward changing things. He does whatever he must do, whether or not other people like it, to ensure the survival of the people he loves. He is a strategist who comes up with an effective weapon against the Capitol and believes that in war, sometimes innocent lives must be sacrificed for the greater good (freedom). He strives for objectivity and is final in all his decisions. Gale itches for rebellion and is a natural leader. He can control his impulses and put aside personal feelings to get the job done. Gale has a very black and white view of the world, which encourages his strong feelings of hatred toward the Capital in favor of the rebellion. He has intense feelings for Katniss but doesn’t always address or admit to them until he is pushed to the limit. He chooses to act on his feelings and his strong, unflinching views on anyone he cannot respect. He is an idealist who thinks in the long term; his opinions often clash with Katniss, because Gale prefers to focus on the bigger picture (the freedom of their country, and the end of the rebellion). He is passionate about his beliefs and the vision he has for the future of Panam. Even his romantic relationship with Katniss is subject to his interpretation of future events (he foresees her inability to forgive his role in her sister’s death and chooses to leave her behind). When Katniss wants to run away from her responsibilities, it is Gale who points out the futuristic implications or consequences of her impulsiveness. Gale has a deeper knowledge of Katniss than she realizes, including the motivations for her decisions and her larger patterns (“my pain is the only thing that gets your attention”). His hunting skills are excellent, and he has an opportunistic streak. He can sometimes be reckless and impulsive in standing up for what he believes is right. Gale thrives when allowed to take action and doesn’t mind being in intense situations. He pays attention to his environment, enabling him to save lives when bombs go off.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Calm, steadfast, and purposeful, Gale is not afraid of anyone and takes a firm stance on his beliefs. He believes in direct military tactics that take no prisoners, in an attempt to win the war quicker than through prolonged combat. He shows both the good and bad side of an 8, in how he protects and defends others. But Katniss also finds him unemotional and callous, and his methods immoral, in the heat of battle. Gale sees her for who she is, sees right through her, and often makes decisions for her, such as his call to leave her at the end, since he knows she can never forgive his role in Prim’s death. His 9 wing is calm and deliberate, unruffled most of the time, and helps him contain his anger. As an so/sp, Gale puts the community ahead of his own self-preservation.