Johanna is very present and gutsy. She won her Games by being brutal, opportunistic, and using the environment. Once thrown back into the arena, in the Capital she strips naked in an elevator to shock Katniss and other people, she tells off Caesar and the Capital for the unfairness of the games, and she proves a combative but smart collaborator in the arena. The others do not always trust her, because she can act fast. She is very physical, always shoving, pushing, and slapping people around. She knocks people out, protects them even when they don’t ask her to or understand what she is doing, and manages to endure torture without losing herself. Johanna shows very little consideration for her future, other than to believe Katniss maybe can be the “symbol of the revolution.” She isn’t sentimental or irrational. She often conflicts with the other Tributes over their emotional decisions, and she sneers at the idea of making any of her own. Johanna can be blunt, pragmatic, and make decisions free of emotional attachment. She figures out how to win and learn things as she goes, using all her senses to figure out the “clock” in the arena and adapt to it. Her tert-Fe also has no problem airing her feelings almost constantly, without being in touch with them. She screams at people. She tells them off. She vents loudly her complaints about how unfair it is that she must now face another arena (“they told me I could go home!”).

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

If there’s one thing Johanna cannot stand, it’s weakness. She is a tough-talking, no-nonsense, fearless girl who is good and truly pissed off at having to go through this again, and doesn’t care who knows it, or what the consequences of her rage might be. Though she doesn’t like Katniss and considers her weak, Johanna also sees how she could help them in the long term, so she puts her neck on the line for her. But she doesn’t do it lightly. She will push Katniss, insult her, smack her in the face, knock her unconscious, and on occasion, try to comfort her. Badly. She operates from a primal place of pure resentment and rage and a desire to even the score. Her 7 wing hoped to avoid the pain of her past and escape into pleasure, but also has a wicked sense of humor.