Christine is an idealistic dreamer, with unrealistic expectations about her future prospects. She dreams of going to particular schools, and is annoyed when her school counselor, mother, or best friend pointed out that she hasn’t actually studied enough, or excelled enough, to be able to get into those schools. She wonders why she magically is no good at math, whereas other people in her family are—without doing any of the work involved to improve herself at math. She blows about on the wind of ideas, always casting about for new ones, and over-romanticizing things before she abandons interest in them (sex wasn’t what she thought – oh well, shall we talk about something else instead?). It isn’t until she has to move away to New York City (something she is very excited about) that some inferior Si kicks in, and she admits that she misses home and wishes she had appreciated it more while she was there – that she loved driving its streets for the first time, and seeing them as a driver, but she felt she couldn’t share that with her mom, since “we were fighting at the time.” “I am Lady Bird. It is my name, given by me” … and you will call me by it. Christine wants to assert her independence and be seen as someone unique and magnificent. She can, in doing this, be completely self-centered, ignore others’ needs and wishes, and wrapped up in her own emotions. She wants to spend Thanksgiving with her boyfriend and his family, so she crushes her mother by not spending at home. When her friends decide to ditch Prom, she tells them she wants to go, and demands they let her off at her best friend’s house, so she can make up after their fight and… go to Prom. After she turned up and “showed off” at the school play tryouts and got a part that she deemed beneath her, Christine never bothered to show up or tell them she wasn’t participating. She isn’t known for her rational decisions – rather than listen to her mother another minute, she jumps out of a moving car, breaks her arm, and then writes a curse word aimed at her mother on it, blaming her for her own decision. She can be blunt, bossy, and critical of others, but also socially awkward. She makes a fair point, when in NYC she muses that people don’t believe in God, but accept the name their parents gave them without question.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Christine has two major problems in her life – her habitual lack of interest in doing hard work or finishing anything she starts in favor of entertaining herself, and her bad temper and inability to let others boss her around. She assumes, in a narcissistic manner, that just showing up and being funny is enough to get her a plum part, then insults her best friend by complaining about her “getting just as good of a part, when all you did was show up.” She brings the focus back to herself, all the time, in a selfish 7 way. She puts no effort into her schoolwork. Christine balks against authority, defies her teachers, and dislikes the constraints placed on her in Catholic School. Her 8 wing lashes out at other people, has a bad temper, and is eager to experience the world – she leaps into situations happy and pleased to defy social conventions and barriers and prove herself, and get what she wants.