Functional Order: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

Morpheus has a ‘one world’ worldview, in the sense of having a rigid and narrow expectation of how things will pan out, and wants everything to conform to it, for everyone to get on board with it, and is caught off guard when it does not go according to his design. He is an idealist to the hilt, who uses abstractions to appeal to Neo at first, but fails to reach him on a sensing level until he “shows” him how the Matrix works and can be manipulated. He is quite poor at adapting his worldview or changing his expectations (Ni) but he can and will engage directly with the sensory environment if forced to intervene for someone else – Morpheus can fight when he has to, adapt to the environment and use it to his benefit in intense situations, and he can be opportunistic under pressure, though he prefers to approach situations with some sort of plan and avoid danger if possible. He gathers together a motley crew of people to help him take a stand against the Matrix and creates a “group” in which they are all treated as equals, with the exception of the “Chosen One” (Neo). His talent lies in convincing others, in using persuasive language to get them on board, and in motivating them to work for the greater common goals and good. He wants to change the world and uses people to do it. Morpheus is not one to question his own conclusions, either, when another person challenges him about Neo (believing him dead), Morpheus looks confused. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He never doubted, questioned, or analyzed any other potential outcome, and he admits that he does not do this, which suggests a lower Ti tendency to seek out supporting rather than contradicting evidence for his Ni-dom conclusions (a typical problem in Ni/Ti loopers).

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Morpheus’ entire approach is in improving things and involving people in the process. He has a specific idea of what he wants and the drive to get it, alongside the gut-driven “I just know” assurance of the 1. He feels it, he does it. He senses it, he does it. He believes it, he acts on that belief. As a result, he can come across as somewhat distant, even cold in certain of his decisions. He wants Neo to choose the right path, but also pushes him toward it. Trinity has faith in him, because of his strong convictions. When tortured by Agent Smith, Morpheus doesn’t falter – he has a cause worth fighting for. His 9 wing makes him react from a place of double-gut instinct; he has high abstract values and ideals, is less grounded, and not interested in changing to appeal to others, unlikely to heed anything that contradicts his sense of inner-knowing.